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December 1, 2000 Issue # 96 The Smoker's Club, Inc.

1. Report To Assail Hospital Over Children's Deaths

2. Straightening up Eaters

3. Egypt Air

4. Forces Smoking Humor

5. Help Fight Diseases

6. Cigarette Ads From The Past

7. TWAB: We Write for the Right!

8. We Are Everyday People

9. From The Mailbag

Facts and truth really don't have much to do with each other.
William Faulkner

Report To Assail Hospital Over Children's Deaths:
(Canada) But some relatives of the children who died are furious the report is being released on election day, because it will likely get little media coverage.

Straightening up Eaters:
This is the next chapter of the most profitable business enterprise America ever undertook: health activism.

Egypt Air:
"They allow smoking from rows 50 thru 54 on their flight. They usually don't book you to set in these seats, but keep them open for all to visit and smoke, but they do book them when they are full."

Forces Smoking Humor

Help Fight Diseases:
And who better to fight for smokers' needs, than smokers !

Cigarette Ads From The Past:
Type "cigarettes" in the search box.

TWAB: We Write for the Right!:
Election Autopsy, Editorials and more.

We Are Everyday People:

A Birthright for a Bowl of Pottage: Are we giving up on our birthrights?

Airline Blankets Not Cleaned, Workers Claim: Before you snuggle up to that airline blanket during your next flight, perhaps you should think again. It may be carrying a cargo of disease-causing bacteria and fungi, according to workers at a major airline laundry service.

Clinton Declares Self President For Life

Alabama Live: Sound Off Forum

From The Mailbag:

I once believed the United States to be the "land of the free" that has now changed. The Icon of Lady Liberty given to us by the French, must be weeping in disgrace.
Walt Hanley

Automakers Drop Ashtrays, Lighters From New Cars
Eliminating lighters and ashtrays as standard equipment on millions of cars also saves money for automakers, most who now sell optional "smoker's packages" for $15 to $100 for items once included with every new car. In the Odyssey and other Hondas, buyers can order an ash container that drops into cupholders and a lighter that pops into the socket now called a "power point."
By Adam Geller, Associated Press.

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The Friendship Heights/Chevy Chase outdoor smoking ban must be approved December 12th by the following council to become law. Please let them know that this is not right.
Blair Ewing
Isiah Leggett
Steve Silverman
Michael L Subin
Howard A Denis
Nancy Dacek
Phil Andrews
Marilyn J Praisner
Derick Berlage

The city of Corpus Christi, Texas has had a group, Citizens for a Smoke Free Community Coalation, present before the Nueces County Health Board a ban on smoking in restaurants. The council turned down a simular ban in 1993. Below is a list of the e-mail addresses for the mayor and council members.
Mayor: Loyd Neal
Council members:
Melody Cooper
Arnold Gonzales
Henry Garrett (Progress report on council goals)
Betty Jean Longoria
Javier D. Colmenero
John Longoria
Mark Scott
Rex Kinnison
Phone Number: 361-880-3105
City web page: