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In this issue:
1. The Cooker Of Truth
2. Ten A Day OK, Smokers Told
3. Are the Ten Commandments Constitutional?
4. When It Comes To Tobacco, Objectivity Goes Up In Smoke
5. Activists Skeptical As Tobacco Settlement Payout Begins
6. Microsoft, Tobacco Bullish on Bush - Analysts Say
7. Ban on Outdoor Tobacco Ads Illegal
8. We Are Everyday People

1. The Cooker Of Truth: By Gian Turci. So far - and as far as orthodox science is concerned - there has been NO PROOF that ANY of the so-called "dangers" of smoking is substantial. The anti-tobacco crowd proceeds with false information to validate a basic assumption ("smoking is no good for you") that is rooted mainly in POPULAR FOLKLORE.

2. Ten A Day OK, Smokers Told: By Tracy McVeigh. Only one month after the world's biggest tobacco company, Philip Morris, admitted for the first time that smoking can kill you, one of Britain's top experts on the effects of the habit has provoked outrage in the anti-cancer establishment by insisting it's fine to smoke 10 cigarettes a day, passive smoking is no problem, and the Government is wasting money telling people to quit.

3. Are the Ten Commandments Constitutional? By Larry P. Arnn. The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has rendered its judgment in the case of Edward Di Loreto versus Downey Unified School District. The three-judge panel ruled unanimously this week that the district acted properly in barring Mr. Di Loreto from placing his advertisement on Downey High School's baseball field fence.

4. When It Comes To Tobacco, Objectivity Goes Up In Smoke: By James A. Cooley. I am absolutely opposed to local ordinances banning smoking in private bars and eateries. I lunch at smoke-free establishments by choice, but don't feel the need to impose my personal preferences upon everyone else.

5. Activists Skeptical As Tobacco Settlement Payout Begins: Health Central. Many states instead plan to use the money for purposes unrelated to health - deficit reduction, schools, capital construction.

6. Microsoft, Tobacco Bullish on Bush - Analysts Say: By Thomas Ferraro. If Texas Gov. George W. Bush is elected president next year, the much ballyhooed federal lawsuits against Microsoft Corp. and tobacco giants may fade way.

7. Ban on Outdoor Tobacco Ads Illegal: By The Associated Press. Local bans on outdoor advertising of tobacco products violate federal law, the federal appeals court for nine Western states ruled Friday.

8. We Are Everyday People:
*** Estrogen Helps Sedentary Women Who Smoke, Drink: InteliHealth. When women and their doctors discuss long-term hormone replacement therapy, they should consider how much the woman smokes, drinks, and exercises, Hoidrup's team concludes. For some women, protection against hip fracture may be a reason to decide to start taking hormones.

*** The Bill Clinton Countdown Calendar: Jim Huber. A handsome spiral-bound calendar that begins with January 2000, and continues for thirteen months through January 2001, when the next president is inaugurated. Each month will feature a full page "Politically Correct" cartoon by renown cartoonist JIM HUBER. For easy reference, each day lists the number of days that remain in the Clinton presidency.

***Marine Seeks Discharge Over Anthrax: Infobeat. A Marine is hoping to persuade a federal judge to let him out of the military to help quell his mother's anxiety over the required anthrax vaccine he received in January.

*** Higher Taxes On Beer Would Reduce Teenage Drinking: Forces. Alcohol kills about 100,000 people each year. While that's a quarter of the lives tobacco claims through disease, alcohol also is a major cause of crime, violence, spouse and child abuse, house fires, drowning, suicides, accidents, lost worker productivity, higher health care costs, high school dropouts, teen pregnancies and traffic collisions. All told, alcohol costs our society about $130 billion a year, six times the price tag of tobacco-related medical costs.

*** Kidnapping is Legal?! By Samantha Phillipe. We have always thought that if a school employee took our child off the school property without our permission, he would be fired and charged with kidnapping. This is not true!

We will either find a way, or make one.

Tom Oyler of Wichita, KS is now on the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary ballot. Please pass the word around, a smoker is on the ballot.

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