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In this issue:
1. Thank You for Smoking
2. Behavioural Vaccines: Gateway To Hell
3. Freedom Channel
4. Case Study In Europe
5. Yet Another Fight Against The Pandemic Of Corruption
6. WHAT'S NEW on FORCES International
7. SIDS - Smoking Link Unproven
8. We Are Everyday People

1. Thank You for Smoking: By Peter Brimelow (nonsmoker, but tolerant). Lost in this lynching frenzy: the fact that smoking might be, in some small ways, good for you. Apart from intangible pleasure, the most obvious is behavioral. A battery of studies, such as those by British researcher D.M. Warburton, show that cigarettes, whatever their other effects, really do stimulate alertness, dexterity and cognitive capacity. And alertness, dexterity, etc., can be useful. Such as when driving. Or flying-as Congress recognized when it exempted airline pilots from the ban on smoking on domestic flights.

2. Behavioural Vaccines: Gateway To Hell: By Gian Turci. The tremendous danger here is that, thorugh vaccines and genetics, the pharmaceutical industry wants to control and condition people's behaviour -- for the good of people, and only for "unwanted behaviours," of course. But who is to establish what behaviour is unwanted? Obviously, not the individual anymore.

3. Freedom Channel: For the first video-on-demand in American politics, use the buttons to the left and right to click and see the candidates you want, on the issues you want, whenever you want them.

4. Case Study In Europe: Journal Of The National Cancer Institute. Our results indicate no association between childhood exposure to ETS and lung cancer risk.

5. Yet Another Fight Against The Pandemic Of Corruption: Forces. 1998 WHO's own mortality estimates: more than 16 MILLION people worldwide died from communicable diseases, maternal and perinatal conditions and nutritional deficiencies in l998. Of these, nearly 10 MILLION died from infectious and parasitic diseases alone, with 1.5 MILLION dying from tuberculosis and 2.2 MILLION dying from diarrhoeal diseases. Many of those who died were children who could have been saved simply by supplying them with clean drinking water, enough food to survive and vaccinations/medications. Also according to WHO figures, 3 BILLION people in the world are suffering from malnutrition, with 6 to 14 MILLION dying from it each year. WHO's TOP PRIORITIES: computer-generated tobacco-related death "projections", and exposure of children to second hand smoke.

6. WHAT'S NEW on FORCES International: Forces. All the latest news and information listed everyday.

7. SIDS - Smoking Link Unproven: By Warren Klass. As a member of the Fleming Study that anti-smoking activists have used to link second-hand smoke with SIDS, Tom Keens was quoted in the Los Angeles Times (July 26,1998): "Clearly Prof. Fleming is not saying cigarette smoking is the cause of SIDS. Like with prone sleeping, babies of families where there has been no cigarette smoking continue to die from SIDS, and most babies born into families where one or both parents smoke will not die. So cigarette smoking is not the cause of SIDS."

8. We Are Everyday People:
*** Lawyers Pool Resources, Leverage Settlements: By David Segal. Some corporate lawyers now say that the legal merits of any given case are all but beside the point. What matters most is putting together a squad of lawyers big and rich enough to convince Wall Street that a company will be bogged down in courts for years.

*** Is Your Cell Phone Killing You? By Gordon Bass. It's the must-have accessory of the late 20th century. It confers status and power. It gives you access to the world wherever you are, whenever you want. But what if it's producing a tumor in your brain the size of a golf ball?

*** Smoking In The Park: FORCES Forum. Their general education is so poor, many of them really believe that tobacco smell can hurt them. This belief is also amplified by hysteria, and by the continuous, unrelenting propaganda of lies on smoking, and second hand smoke. Those who have doubts, or don't believe at all the lies about danger, still act as if the danger was real because, perhaps for the first time in their lives, they feel the rush of power in their veins. And as petty and menial that power may be, it is better than nothing, so they don't miss the opportunity for a taste of it.

*** Gene Flaw May Promote Cancer: By Malcolm Ritter. People inherit two copies of the gene in which the mutation can appear, one copy from each parent. The added cancer risk is more pronounced when both copies carry the mutation, Offit said.

The Lord's Prayer is 66 words, the Gettysburg Address is 286 words, there are 1,322 words in the Declaration of Independence, but government regulations on the sale of cabbage total 26,911 words.
Brother Mark Durrant

Allergy Trivia

Which one of the following airborne particles is not a cause of allergic asthma?


CIGARETTE SMOKE - is not an allergy.
POLLEN GRAIN - All trees, grasses, weeds and flowering plants produce pollen. A single ragweed plant may produce a million grains of pollen in just one day. Pollens are transmitted by the wind and are light enough to be easily inhaled. The three major sources are trees, grasses and weeds.
MOLD SPORE/HYPHEA - A multicellular, microscopic vegetable plant that forms cobweblike masses of branching threads from the surface of which tiny fertile threads project into the air bearing the part of the plant from which spores develop. Mold may be of brilliant colors or black and white, depending on the type. Molds can develop on leather, cloth, paper, etc., especially in the presence of relatively high heat and relative humidity.
PET DANDER - Contrary to popular belief, it is not dog and cat hair that people are allergic to but rather a protein found in the pet's dander and saliva that is the culprit. Consequently, even though there may be no pet hairs present, there can be large quantities of the allergen. These allergens are very small (1/10 the size of dust mite allergens) and as a result stay airborne for long periods, often more than 24 hours. While dander is airborne it often attaches to vertical surfaces such as walls, picture frames, curtains, and lampshades. As the dander settles it attaches to soft surfaces such as carpets, bedding, and upholstery.

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