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November 19, 2004 Issue #303

Life is a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you can only spend it once. - Francis Bacon
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Second-hand Smoke Claims Not Proven. The Tobacco Manufacturers' Association held a seminar last week to assess the science of environmental tobacco smoke. The conclusion was that categoric statements that it causes death and disease are not proven.

Russian Smoking Ban. The law also bans smoking at work, in public transport, on board aircraft if the flight is shorter than three hours, in closed sports facilities and in governmental buildings, except in specially allocated places.
NY Bars Win Big In Legal Ash Fray. Puffers at Jack McCarthy's Pub in Centereach, Tobin's II Pub in Ronkonkoma and the Dunton Inn in East Patchogue are happily indulging their habit, thanks to a new Supreme Court ruling that the state smoking ban doesn't require bar owners to make customers stub out their smokes.
Reiner Steals From Children. Six years after actor-director Rob Reiner won voter approval in 1998 for a 50-cent-a-pack cigarette tax, millions of dollars raised by the measure in Los Angeles County have been spent on travel and administration but the universal preschool program it was supposed to fund has yet to get up and running.
Smoking not linked to hearing loss. Levels of cotinine, a substance created by the breakdown of nicotine in the body, does not appear to be linked to hearing loss, according to an article in the November issue of The Archives of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery, one of the JAMA/Archives journals.
Bouncer's Killer Convicted. A Queens martial-arts expert was convicted yesterday of killing an East Village bouncer in a melee that began when the victim ordered a clubgoer to stop smoking. A Manhattan Supreme Court jury found Isaias Umali guilty of manslaughter in the April 2003 stabbing death of Dana Blake.More Ban Damage. More Ban Loss.
Rico update. Top Judges Have Doubts on Tobacco Penalty. Tobacco Trial Shifts To The Big Issue: Money
We Are Everyday People:
The Smoking Marine. Provocative, captivating, perhaps even disturbing -- the photo also prompted praise. His name is James Blake Miller, God Bless him.
Maine's Firefighter Defiance update in Steven Delorge's own words.
Car exhaust vs. secondhand smoke. Exposure to fine particulate matter -- caused primarily by sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides from cars -- is linked to increases in respiratory health problems, hospitalization for heart or lung disease and even premature death.
Killer Carbs? Scientists are in dispute over acrylamide. Fat may not be the only foe lurking in beloved french fries.

From The Mailbag:
CT: Smoking Ban Creates More Harm Than Good.
FL: Sarasota County. A proposed ban on smoking at public beaches will go no further, for now.
FL: Police Taser 6-Year-Old Boy At Elementary School. Also read: Police have acknowledged using a stun gun to immobilize a 12-year-old girl just weeks after jolted a first-grader with 50,000 volts.
FL: Winter Park. Policy Allows Numerous Smoke Breaks For DMV Employees.
GA: Conyers. Rockdale County Superior Court Judge David Irwin declined to issue a temporary restraining order (TRO) to stop implementation of no-smoking ordinances passed by the city of Conyers and the Board of Commissioners.
KS: Lawrence. Restaurateur says smoking ban has crippled business.
KY: Update on KY Shock jocks suspended over smoking ban hoax. Back to work now.
LA: Small cigarette makers sue Louisiana.
MN: Fergus Falls. Park smoking ban goes into effect. Because the ban is not an ordinance, it's technically not illegal to smoke in the prohibited areas, but voluntary.
MN: Statewide. Pawlenty, Johnson support smoking ban.
MO: Kansas City. Proposal would ban smoking in public places across region.
MT: Let the feeding frenzy begin. Groups seek portions of tax.
ND: Grand Forks. Smoking ban forces seek to educate, win support.
ND: Moorhead. Another smoking compromise: Moorhead council initially OKs exemptions.
NY: Fear, loathing as bars go quietly up in smoke.
NY: Taxes. Gov. George Pataki yesterday vetoed a bill that would have taxed cigarettes and gasoline sold to non-Indians from reservations around the state.
OR: Short Of Tax Money -- because it overestimated cigarette tax collections.
PA: Internet Sales. Bill passed unanimously by the House and sent to Rendell.
SC: Clover. Bans smoking in public parks.
VT: Ban battle. Here come the Health Police again.
WA: Vashon Island Smoker's Rights Night. Fraternal Order of Eagles #3144, November 18, 2004.
WV: Heaters. Smoker's Rights Night. The BoardWalk, November 29, 2004.
WY: Laramie. Receipts are in. The totals include cash, in-kind and anonymous contributions.
Africa: Democracy and the Rule of Law. By Thompson Ayodele. The rule of law is the invisible string that cements people of different culture, ethnic background and languages together with a view to enabling them pursue common national goal, vision and aspirations.
Malta: A month later, smoking ban 'heavily' affecting bars, coffee shops and nightlife.
Scotland: What's Next? Rhona Brankin, Scotland's junior health minister, said sinisterly: "Pubs are places where a lot of smoking goes on." No doubt a lot of drinking goes on, too, but not even the Scottish Executive can bring itself to ban drinking in pubs - yet. And read "Danger that 'lifestyle politics' will force out economic issues."
Scotland: We're Fighting on in the Last Chance Saloon.
Thailand: Has become a member of the World Health Organisation's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).
UK: East Kilbride. Businesses will go 'up in smoke' if ban is complete.
USA: Smoking in Federal Buildings. Will other agencies follow this lead? It is too early to tell but we wouldn't be too surprised to see the General Services Administration gradually implement a more stringent smoking ban throughout government buildings if this attempt by HHS proves successful.
USA: Wine Prohibitions Face Test. U.S. Supreme Court to rule in case questioning bans on direct shipments.

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