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November 17, 2000 Issue # 94 The Smoker's Club, Inc.

1. Is the FDA's PPA Scare BS?

2. The Will Of The People

3. Welcome to the Kitchener-Waterloo Region

4. Multi-State Plan to Raise Tobacco Taxes

5. Teen Smokers Face Penalties

6. UST Sees Earnings Growth

7. Federal Judge Blocks NY Ban

8. We Are Everyday People

9. From The Mailbag

"He who laughs last thinks the slowest."
- Bumper Sticker.

Is the FDA's PPA Scare BS?:
"Ready, fire ... aim!" must be the Food and Drug Administration's motto. The FDA again is using premature science to force from the market popular consumer health care products.

The Will Of The People:
A Republic cannot endure without a constantly vigilant electorate who pays attention to what is going on in its government.

Welcome to the Kitchener-Waterloo Region:
Ontario, Canada. Smokers are not welcome... read this page before planning your next trip.

Shop at!

Multi-State Plan to Raise Tobacco Taxes:
In an unprecedented and historic show of unity, the six New England States have joined forces to seek an increase in each state's tobacco excise taxes during the coming legislative year, in order to decrease tobacco use and improve health access.

Teen Smokers Face Penalties:
Some teens -- even those who insist they don't smoke -- aren't so sure they like the idea.

UST Sees Earnings Growth: test-market a new ``non-spit'' product late next year.

Federal Judge Blocks NY Ban:
The paper said Judge Loretta Preska wrote in a 14-page decision handed down Monday that Brown & Williamson is ``likely to be able to prove that the statute discriminates against interstate commerce'' and, therefore, violates the U.S. Constitution.

We Are Everyday People:

RYO Magazine: New issue now online.

Fat-Storing Gene May Trigger Obesity: German researchers said the gene apparently prompts the body to store fat for later.

Caesar Salad Falls Victim To Food Nazis: (Make sure you smell the milk before you drink it. I don't know if the chicken's okay. Give a piece to the dog. If she eats it, it's fine.) But, this warning thing has gone too far.

Public Health Nanny Strikes At Diners: ... bureaucrats treat us like we haven't got enough sense to come in out of the rain.

Tea May Be Heart Healthy: A new study cites possible benefits to arteries.

From The Mailbag:

Using a little-known civil rights law, tobacco companies are threatening to collect as much as $7.5 million in legal fees from Massachusetts taxpayers if the state appeals a court decision that struck down a first-in-the-nation tobacco disclosure law earlier this year. (Boston Globe)

Smoking & Sales Restrictions: San Francisco, California Supervisor Tom Ammiano proposed an ordinance that would prohibit the establishment of new stores that use 25% or more of their retail space to sell tobacco products and ban existing stores that get over 75% of their sales from those products. The measure would also require new and existing stores to eliminate self-service counters and displays that give customers direct access to the products.

Leaf shortages and lower demand could reduce Cuba's shipments of premium cigars to 100 million units in 2000, the lowest since 1997, officials said.

Almost 200 Maryland (MD) farmers, accounting for about a quarter of the 9 million pounds of MD leaf grown annually, applied to participate in a State buyout program paying them $1 per pound for each of the next 10 years if they get out of the tobacco growing business; applications until December 22nd.

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