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November 5, 2004 Issue # 301

Hate and tyranny have no limits nor decency. - Tom Graves
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NY Statewide Ban Fallout. A court decision dismissing fines against three Long Island taverns where patrons were seen puffing on cigarettes has opponents of the state's workplace smoking ban hopeful of getting the courts to overturn the smoking prohibition.

Conyers, GA: City, county sued over smoking ban. Hammonds may be only the first to file a suit challenging the ordinances as a number of people who opposed the measure have indicated they are considering legal action.
The Ten Biggest Lies about Smoke & Smoking. By Robert Hayes Halfpenny. THE LIE: Cigarette smoke and Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) or Second Hand Smoke (SHS) Causes cancer.
The 2004 Smoking Ballot Issues Results:

Colorado - Amendment 35 - Tobacco Tax Increase.
CO: Amendment 35 Higher tobacco tax is on the way. Voters hike tobacco taxes. "Everyone is so concerned about our kids, but the No. 1 health issue is obesity," Goodman said.

Duluth MN - The referendum approved by council members on September 16 would ban smoking in all public places, and would focus primarily on bars which were exempted by an ordinance adopted by voters in 2001.
MN: Voters lean toward maintaining Duluth's smoking ban as it stands, turning down a proposal to enact a stricter citywide smoking ban.

Montana - Initiative 149 - The initiative would raise the cigarette tax.
MT: Tobacco tax hike approved, will jump $1 per pack.

Fargo ND - Voters in Fargo will have three smoking ban options.
ND: Most bars can have smoking. Voters choose least restrictive bans in Fargo and West Fargo.

Lincoln NE - Voters in Lincoln will vote on smoking ban.
NE: Lincoln. Total smoking ban gets marginal voter approval. During election night, some business owners left Libations with tears in their eyes thinking their businesses could shut down. Kitten said he told the businessowners to stay confident and they could still fight against the ban.

Columbus OH - Voters will decide whether to ban smoking in most public places, including restaurants, bars, bowling alleys and bingo halls.
OH: Columbus Smoking Ban Passes.

Toledo OH - To repeal the current smoking law passed in 2003 that many business owners find unworkable and unfair to their customers who smoke.
OH: Toledo voters ease ban on smoke. Toledo voters yesterday chose to weaken Toledo's smoking ban, causing some area bar owners to hoist a toast to victory, and local city and health officials to breathe a collective sigh of frustration.

Wauseon OH - Smoking ban in most businesses.
OH: Wauseon approves smoking ban issue. Evelyn Stickley, a leader of the opposition group to the ban, predicted City Council would amend the initiative to make it less restrictive, in part because the city appears so evenly split.

Oklahoma - State Question Number 713 - Change tax system.
OK: State Question 713 on way to approval. The measure raises cigarette taxes by a net 55-cent per pack.

Wausau WI - Whether the city should ban smoking in restaurants.
WI: Wausau: Voters OK smoking ban.

Laramie WY - Whether to make the city the first smoke-free community in Wyoming.
WY: The City Council in Laramie will announce these results at a special meeting Thursday. The result will be posted here. People on the scene are optimistic.
Secondhand Exposure to Drugs May be an Occupational Hazard for Anesthesiologists.
Asthma risk 'fixed before birth'
Antioxidant Supplements: Worthless -- or Worse? By Michael Fumento. But what about "The prospect that vitamin pills" may actually "kill their consumers?"
Nicotine May Help Treat Sepsis. Tobacco Ingredient May Fight Common Infection. The active ingredient in tobacco may actually have a beneficial effect on the body in treating a common and potentially deadly type of infection process known as sepsis, new research shows.
Smoking shown to quell painful sensations and heighten positive emotions. Smokers often say that lighting up a cigarette can calm their nerves, satisfy their craving and help them relax.
NASA Study shows common plants help reduce indoor air pollution.
Stress Less in Six Steps.
Interactive DataBase Search Page. American Journal of Health Promotion. Over 350 studies.
Official: Low sales axed RJR product. Team developed a reduced-risk cigarette.
Lorillard Wins N.Y. Product Liability Case. Study reveals most of asbestos-related lung cancers not diagnosed
RICO: Appeals Court Win On Memo. A federal appeals court sided Tuesday with a tobacco company that is trying to keep a potentially damaging memo out of the U.S. government's $280 billion lawsuit against cigarette makers.
We Are Everyday People:
Majority of cigarettes in the US smoked by nicotine-dependent or psychiatrically ill persons. (Editor's note: Read that title a few times. Next week we'll look for an article called, "Most beer is drunk by beer drinkers or nuts.")

From The Mailbag:
FL: Ormond Beach. Residents here should know before the end of the year whether they're going to have a new smoking ban in their city.
IN: Ban Scents. Cigarette smoke isn't only thing that smells bad.
IN: Muncie. Candidates not pushing for smoking ban.
MO: Arnold smoking ban takes hold. Existing restaurants can allow smoking in walled-off and separately ventilated sections, but the businesses must apply for a special permit before the end of this year. The remodeling can be costly and, so far, the Arnold Culpepper's is the only restaurant that has applied for such a permit.
PA: Bar Back To Smoking. Citing customer complaints, Beaver House bucks trend, rescinds non-smoking policy. He said his five-month smoke-free experiment was a disaster.
TX: Dallas. Two exceptions to smoking ban fail.
WA: New smoking risk: Job loss.
WV: Chamber Won't Support Proposed Smoking Ban.
WV: Braxton. Maryetta Ables is smoking mad.
Canada: Butt ban burns. Selkirk restaurant openly defies province's non-smoking order.
Canada: Charities in Politics. By Linda Duguay. In the policies and practises there is a law stating that charities can't be involved in politics. I have one question. Who is paying for Heather Crowe to do her public speaking work?
Canada: Ontario told to restrict films with smoking.
Denmark: Pipe-Smoking Championship Held.
Ireland: Landmark Dublin cafes will close. The owners blame running costs, the "coffee to go" culture and the public smoking ban.
Ireland: Defiance: Smoking Ban Ignored.
Scotland: Reid: Scottish smoking ban is 'poll suicide.'
UAE: Dubai. Ban lifted.

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