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October 31, 2003 Happy Halloween! Issue # 248 The Smoker's Club, Inc.


1. Antibrains Is Born!!
2. Burning Issues
3. Merger, Move and Loss
4. Is Your Car Spying On You?
5. Privacy Villain of the Week
6. Propaganda 101
7. Honest Science Or Propaganda?
8. We Are Everyday People
9. From The Mailbag

A man is not finished when he is defeated. He is finished when he quits.
Richard Nixon

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Antibrains Is Born!!
Michael McFadden's, "Dissecting Antismokers' Brains" is available at Well-referenced analysis of Antismokers' pseudoscience and propaganda tricks, along with a colorful overview of basic Antismoker personality types, should make this book a valuable tool for any Free-Choice activist, and a nasty surprise for the Antis.
Pennsylvania Smokers Action Network.

Burning Issues:
Provides public education about the medical hazards of exposure to wood smoke and other fine particulate pollution. Smoke from residential burning of wood and coal, wood burning restaurants and outdoor burning of wood, leaves, crops, tires and debris is permeating our neighborhoods, resulting in high ground-level concentrations of toxic air pollution.
Merger, Move and Loss:
RJR And BAT Confirm Merger Plans:
A month after trimming 40 percent of its work force, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco said Monday it signed an agreement to merge with British American Tobacco PLC, the parent company of rival Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp.
Louisville KY headquarters will close 450 jobs will be moved to North Carolina.
Relocation. By Terry Gray. Mike Kuntz of Smoke Free Louisville fame should be proud, and ashamed of himself and his organization.
GA: B&W expected to close Macon plant, putting 2,100 local jobs in jeopardy.
Is Your Car Spying On You?
By David Coursey. Most people know that most cars couldn't run without computers. But most people don't know that one of those computers records what your car does in the seconds just before an accident. And even fewer know that this information could find its way to your insurance company or even into court.
Privacy Villain of the Week:
EU ID push. "They want a single card with all our data on one chip. It'll be a passport and driver's licence rolled into one with everything from our national insurance numbers, bank accounts, to health records."
Propaganda 101:
By Michael J. McFadden. NYC Firefighters and EMS Workers Go Tobacco-Free. For any who have doubts about the way Antis play with statistics to spread their lies....
Honest Science Or Propaganda?
By Bernie Greene. Epidemiology began with a fellow called John Snow investigating to find the cause of a cholera epidemic in London in the 19th Century.
We Are Everyday People:
School's body-fat test causes uproar: Some pupils were in tears when they told their parents about it. Some were confused or suddenly worried about their weight.
Peter de Savary: Sharing an ashtray with James Leavey.
Coke to launch cholesterol-reducing orange juice. The product will contain plant sterols, an additive that has been used in cholesterol-fighting margarine and other food products. Plant sterols have been shown to cut "bad" cholesterol levels by about 10 percent when used consistently.
From The Mailbag:
FL: Smoking ban just one item snuffing Churchill revenues. By Paul Rolfes. "The smoking ban had a significant impact on operations there, as well as other pari-mutuel operations in Florida," Meeker said on the conference call, noting that casinos operated by American Indians are not affected by the ban.
FL: Tampa. Louis Miller, the director of Tampa International Airport, announced he would search for a legal way to reopen the airport's smoking lounges, which were closed after Florida voters outlawed smoking in restaurants and indoor work areas.
NY: Albany. The city Health Department has granted two waivers to the tough smoking ban, officials said yesterday. Smoking is now legal for patients in the psychiatric ward of Staten Island University Hospital and people at the General Cigar Co. in Manhattan.
Canada: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan -- In February, 2004, smoking in public places will be illegal.
UK: The Big Smoke Debate. The chance to have your say about passive smoking. The London Health Commission is running the Big Smoke Debate to find out your views on smoking in enclosed public places: cafes, shopping centres, taxis, offices, restaurants, pubs, bars and railway stations.
USA: U.S. Supreme Court: Recent Decisions Dealing with Tobacco.
USA: ... The Illinois Supreme Court granted an emergency stay of all proceedings in a class-action lawsuit against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco .The Illinois Supreme Court will now consider R.J. Reynolds' request that the case be moved from trial court to the state's highest court, the tobacco company said in a press release Monday. The lawsuit contests claims the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Holdings Inc. unit made about its lights cigarettes.
... The Supreme Court decided to hear the Philip Morris appeal in September, skipping intermediate appellate court review.
... A similar, third case against British American Tobacco PLC's Brown & Williamson unit was also filed in Madison County. Defendants received a stay in June, pending the Philip Morris appeal.

International conference on the public's perception of risk. The conference will incorporate a stakeholder forum on risk perception in relation to genetically modified crops and food. 4-5 December 2003, Charlemagne Conference Centre, Brussels.


Liberty 2003: The European Conference of The Libertarian International and Libertarian Alliance. November 22/23, 2003 The National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place, London, SW1A 2HE, England. Email.