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October 15, 2004 Issue # 298

"The majority, oppressing an individual, is guilty of a crime, abuses its strength, and by acting on the law of the strongest breaks up the foundations of society."
Thomas Jefferson
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Smoker Violence. Texas: Two Everman police officers who asked a man and woman who were smoking to leave a high school football game Friday night ended up in a violent melee as dozens of young people converged on the scene.
More Ban Damage.
New Study Highlights Survey Vulnerabilities. Some 8.3 percent of California teens smoke cigarettes. No, wait, make that 4.5 percent. Or is it really 14.2 percent?
Companies increasingly saying smokers need not apply. By Shirleen Holt. In states that allow it, such as Washington, Alaska Airlines requires potential hires to take a nicotine test before granting them a job.
Companies Get Tough With Smokers, Obese To Trim Costs.
Time for Congress to Investigate WHO. By Roger Bate. This is not the first time the UN has been caught squandering dollars on flawed public health interventions and acted outside of its charter.
Cigarette Maker's PR Program talks about health dangers. "As long as people smoke, we'll be in this business," Farriss said. "Exiting the (cigarette) business wouldn't be responsible. As long as people smoke, somebody will fulfill (the need). It wouldn't decrease demand."
Industry Lawsuits:
Kool will restrain hip-hop marketing. Lawsuits by 3 states claimed youth focus. The company acknowledged no wrongdoing in the settlement, which will be submitted to courts for approval.
California Appellate Court upholds the dismissal of a class-action lawsuit filed against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation and other major U.S. cigarette manufacturers.
Industry & FDA Stuff:
No FDA: House OKs tobacco-quota buyout. About 38 percent of the $10.1 billion payout expected to benefit quota holders and growers in North Carolina.
Philip Morris And FDA Lose, Consumers Win! By Norman E. Kjono. What is particularly onerous about the Senate bill is that it would have provided a nicotine monopoly for Philip Morris and pharmaceutical nicotine.
Addictive Allotments. By Doug Bandow. But congressmen haven't given up passing out financial goodies for political gain. Now they just hope to stick cigarette companies and smokers with the bill. If there's anything at which legislators excel, it is giving away other people's money.
GOP Tobacco Two-Step. By Robert A. Levy. So why has a Republican-run Justice Department embraced the mother of all baseless lawsuits - the crusade against tobacco?
We Are Everyday People:
Are Anti-Drug Ads a Big Waste? By David Kiley. Tobacco and alcohol consumption have fallen among teens, too, but the ONDCP campaign doesn't address smoking or alcohol.
Philip Morris to invest $200 million in upgrades to N.C. plant.
Cat Stevens: The Terrorist. By Cat Farmer. Achtung , America : presenting the scary new face of terrorism . . . be afraid, be very afraid.

From The Mailbag:
AK: Cigarette vendor up in arms.
CO: Arvada considers total smoking ban.
CO: Arvada Passes Smoking Ban.
GA: Conyers. It's official: Put out your cigarettes.
GA: Tifton. Smoking ban takes effect, some still fighting it. "I've already got about 240 signatures on my petition, but I'm going to try to get 1,000 signatures on the petition and take to the city council," Stinchcomb says.
IN: Muncie. Smoking ban still not proposed, but sides lining up to argue.
IN: Indianapolis. Smoking ban at city eateries proposed again.
KY: Lexington-Fayette Board of Health to monitor smoking ban.
MN: Minneapolis. Park leader may seek outdoor smoking ban. She would begin exploring the idea of banning all tobacco products -- smoking and chewing tobacco -- in all outdoor areas of city parks, said Hauser, who has announced her intention to run for City Council's open 8th Ward seat in 2005.
MN: Minneapolis. Visit Stub & Herb's Bar & Restaurant.
MN: Hennepin County smoking ban survives effort to exempt bars. AND: A letter from Randy Johnson, Hennepin County Board of Commissioners.
ND: West Fargo commissioners approve smoking ban.
NV: Industry fears effect of anti-smoking efforts. A host of gaming experts warned casino bosses this week that their industry is coming under attack by a well-organized and well-funded group of anti-smoking activists that aim to ban smoking in casinos.
NY: Bar Talk - Up in Smoke.
OH: Toledo. Vote to amend the smoking ban.
OH: Cleveland. Indoor smoking ban may smolder a while. Despite support from Mayor Jane Campbell and the city health department, a proposed indoor smoking ban will not become law in the city anytime soon.
OH: Columbus. Smokers Rights Freedom Rally, October 17, 2004
OH: Smoke em' if you got em'
TX: Houston. Mayor to propose ban on restaurant smoking.
WY: Laramie smoking ban heads for vote.
WY: Freudenthal Staying Out Of Smoking Bans.
Australia: SA debates 2007 smoking ban.
Canada: Manitoba. Smoke Underground. There's an exception for miners, who sometimes have to travel a half-hour to the surface in order to go outside.
Canada: Nunavut. Health club accommodates smokers. Owner constructs special room where members can puff legally.
Canada: Saskatoon. Restaurant fights smoking ticket.
UK: Smuggling sees jobs going up in smoke. A NEW survey has found that one in four independent retailers in the north west is considering closing their shop as a result of the effect that tobacco smuggling is having on their business.
UK: Ban goes up in puff of smoke. A Birmingham pub that became the first in the city to go smoke-free has stubbed out the ban after just TWO weeks. Bar staff at Bennetts put the ash trays back out this week after the move saw takings slump by a staggering 40 per cent.
UK: Birmingham. Memo wants smoking banned AT HOME.
USA: U.S. Tea Party. A tax video and quiz, a special project of the members of CSE, and is open to all Americans who feel our taxes are too high and our tax code is too complicated.

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