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1. Physicians Advise Feds to Go After `Big Meat' Next
2. Doctors Told To Hound Smokers
3. Lighting Into The Tobacco Suit
4. Junk Science
5. Tax By Another Name
6. FAT TAX: Trying to scare the fat out of you!
7. The Tobacco Tax: Harmful to Our Health
8. We Are Everyday People

1. Physicians Advise Feds to Go After `Big Meat' Next: U.S. Newswire. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) applauds the U.S. Justice Department for filing a lawsuit against "Big Tobacco," but recommends it also begin preparing a case against major meat producers and retailers. "Meat consumption is just as dangerous to public health as tobacco use," says Neal D. Barnard, M.D., PCRM president.

2. Doctors Told To Hound Smokers: Smokers of the World Unite. "Doctors should talk about smoking even if someone comes in with a sprained ankle."

3. Lighting Into The Tobacco Suit: By John J. Alexander. I am a rabid nonsmoker; smoking is the single worst legal health-related decision a person can make. That individual choice aside, the way tobacco companies have been treated in the last few years makes me want to buy cigarettes to show them some support.

4. Junk Science: Check Often. The truth is out there.

5. Tax By Another Name: National Post. This is wrong-headed: Last time we checked the U.S. constitution, it was the legislative branch -- not the executive or the judiciary -- that had the power to tax and spend. Yet, under the joint attack on tobacco being waged by attorneys-general and the courts, the legislature has become the one branch that has no say.

6. FAT TAX: Trying to scare the fat out of you! How about a sitting tax? The longer you sit, the more you pay. Also, because stress leads to heart disease - workaholics should be taxed higher. Before you know it - we will have a perfect world... full of clones who eat and act exactly like they are suppose to - right?
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The Latest News On The Fat Tax: Forces. In this new section we illustrate the long-in-the-making, but just "exploded" war on fat. This is the next chapter of the most profitable business enterprise America ever undertook: health activism. The collection of fraudulent statistical studies, exaggerations and persecution - concerning articles will be kept updated, and it will be accessible through "The Persecution of Eaters" icon in the header of this section (see above) Inert, passive, indifferent, Americans let the health cartel control their lives in a much deeper way than any other country on Earth. Have Americans surrenders their individualism and freedom in favour of paternalist and frauds, and in exchange for the perception of "protection?" Judging by the behaviour of the masses, the answer is yes.

7. The Tobacco Tax: Harmful to Our Health: By Mark Schmidt. It is hypocritical for members of Congress to punish addiction to tobacco when they are addicted to the revenue tobacco produces.

8. We Are Everyday People:
*** Ocie's "Land of the free..." By Henry Lamb. Although the judge determined that the land was not a wetland, and that Ocie and his son were innocent, he could not set the conviction aside because the issue had not been presented in the original trial. It gets even worse...

*** Homemade Campaign Sites May Face More Regulation: By Rebecca Fairley Raney. "Under these new rules and regulations," the statement said, "individual voters wishing to express their views on the Internet, including e-mail, will have to register with the FEC to simply discuss political candidates."

*** Do You Like Big Brother Watching? ThirdAge. Authorities claim people have no right to privacy in a public place. But the anti-surveillance group says tracking of your every move makes you a captive in an open-air prison and violates your right to anonymity.

*** The Federal Government Sues Tobacco Companies: At the same time, Justice Department officials acknowledged they were dropping their criminal investigation of the tobacco industry. Criminal cases are tougher to win because the burden of proof is higher, and an official said "it was a case that the criminal division decided they were not likely to win."

*** Cigarette Terrorism: By Kim Weissman . (Scroll down the page for article.) So when a federal judge ruled that the 1993 EPA study which claimed to link second-hand smoke to cancer was deeply flawed, and ruled that study to be invalid, the anti-smoking fanatics vowed to ignore the facts and press ahead anyway, to combat cigarette terrorism with their bans on public smoking. But ignoring facts is nothing new to this bunch. When the World Health Organization determined that not only might there be no link between second-hand smoke and lung cancer, but that second-hand smoke could even have a protective effect, the anti-smoking fanatics were undeterred.

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"But every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle. ... If there be any among us who [disagree], let them stand undisturbed as monuments of the safety with which error of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it."
Thomas Jefferson - Freedom By Faith

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