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In this issue:
1. World Bank and WHO Gang Up On Big Tobacco
2. Why Liberals Hate Tobacco and Guns More Than Drugs and Crime
3. Study Finds Toxic Air In Portable Classrooms
4. Presidential Treason 103
5. Company Recalls Novelty Lighters
6. A Letter to Attorney General Thurbert E. Baker
7. IR-1999-55 -- Programs To Stop Smoking Now Tax-Deductible
8. We Are Everyday People
9. 800 # For Local or State Law Information

1. World Bank and WHO Gang Up On Big Tobacco: By Lorraine Mooney, medical demographer for European Science and Environment Forum. All in all, the World Bank is peddling nonsense. The smoker who is supposedly burdened with a personality-splitting addiction is about to be taxed further, and the money will go to health evangelists who will then lecture the addict. The approach should alarm those selling other so-called addictive products, such as alcohol, coffee and chocolate.

2. Why Liberals Hate Tobacco and Guns More Than Drugs and Crime: By Don Feder. Jewish World Review. I've never smoked. I know tobacco is harmful and believe government should take reasonable steps to keep kids from smoking. Still, one needn't be an industry apologist to see something obsessive, bordering on the hysterical, in the liberal anti-nicotine crusade.

3. Study Finds Toxic Air In Portable Classrooms: By: Glen Martin, Chronicle Staff Writer. Carcinogen exposure may affect 2 million kids.

4. Presidential Treason 103: By Gretchen Glass. Creating Conditions for Presidential Treason . . . Connecting the Dots.

5. Company Recalls Novelty Lighters Infobeat. (AP) A New York City-based company is recalling almost 11,000 novelty and disposable lighters because they do not have the child-resistant mechanisms required by federal law.

6. A Letter to Attorney General Thurbert E. Baker Regarding Georgia's Pending Litigation Against the Tobacco Industry: By Cyrus J. Stow, DDS. ...I will therefore do what I can to persuade leading members of the General Assembly to either introduce or support legislation this year to provide our state's attorney general office with sufficient funds to prepare lawsuits against the alcohol industry for reimbursement of alcohol-related crime and other alcohol-related social costs as borne by Georgia's taxpayers similar to the litigation that is now reportedly being pursued by your office against the tobacco industry...

7. IR-1999-55 -- Programs To Stop Smoking Now Tax-Deductible: Health Central. IRS permits smokers trying to quit to deduct some expenses.

8. We Are Everyday People:
*** Bill Clinton's Long History of Sexual Violence Against Women: By Daniel J. Harris & Teresa Hampton. Capitol Hill Blue - White House Intimidation Worked at NBC.
*** Paying for the Great Outdoors: By Michael Reynolds, your Guide. Due to decreased funding by the United States Congress, the Forest Service has decided to collect revenue directly from the public.
*** Liberty Matters: For the Continuation of Freedom in America. Dedicated to Current Issues, Strategies and Public Policy of Constitutional Consequence.
*** Woman Arrested Over Library Books: Clearwater, Fla. (AP) Since January, the cases of 87 patrons have been referred to the court system, library director Arlita Hallam said.
*** Church, State and Taxes: ThirdAge. The IRS is reportedly denying tax-exempt status to the Christian Coalition because the group engages in partisan political activities ranging from anti-abortion campaigns to support for conservative candidates.

9. For information about your local or state laws, call the Smokers Rights Action Line at 1-800-333-8683.

The Pleasure of Herbs : 
A Month-By-Month Guide to Growing, Using, and Enjoying Herbs. By Phyllis V. Shaudys.

Tobacco Plant Spray:

Pour boiling water on the strongest pipe tobacco you can find. When cool, dilute the mixture with water and spray the plants once a week throughout September. I find this spray very effective, and it does not harm my plants at all.
Last weeks White Fly & Mealy Bug Control on Herbs solution.

DID YOU KNOW... that a patron who goes to a smoking restaurant each of the 365 days of the year for 1.5 hours each time will have to go to that restaurant for 6.84 years (2,500 days) in order to inhale the equivalent of one cigarette? ... Still believe the anti-tobacco scare tactics? See Forces for more on the "dangers" of second hand smoke!

The case against Julie Versteeg, the owner of the Penney's Freedom of Choice facility in Stockton, Utah, will go to a pre-trial hearing on Tuesday, July 13, 1999, at the Tooele County Justice Court, 47 South Main, Tooele, Utah, at 1:00 PM. We hope to see you there!

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