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June 1, 2001 Issue # 122 The Smoker's Club, Inc.

1. WHO, WHAT and WHY?

2. Bar Owners Battle Smoking Bylaw

3. News Articles About Tobacco

4. Tobacco Cartel: Alive and Well

5. Resistance Information

6. Airline Information

7. Health

8. We Are Everyday People

9. From The Mailbag

Opportunities multiply as they are seized.
Sun Tzu

Trans-national Government, Legitimacy and the World Health Organisation.

"What the tobacco industry is not allowed to do: WHO's Tobacco Free Initiative program is sponsored for 70% by the pharmaceutical industries that supply NRT products."

The WHO Scandal:
WHO's Tobacco Free Initiative. Lessons in manipulating the Media

Bar Owners Dig Deep To Fight Smoking Ban:
$164,000 raised to pay for bylaw legal challenge

Bar Owners Battle Smoking Bylaw:
City can't create own rules: lawyer

News Articles About Tobacco:
The Research Studies The Anti-Smokers do Not want You to See.

Tobacco Cartel: Alive and Well:
In short, the attorneys general and their billionaire lawyers cooked up a sweetheart deal with the tobacco giants. Everyone came out ahead, except for smaller companies and of course smokers, who get socked with the entire cost of the anti-competitive scheme.

Resistance Information:
Bar Owners Pledge 'full frontal attack':
Smoking bylaw 'invasive,' they claim

U.N. Bureaucrats:
are drafting treaty to declare war on smoking. Libertarian Party says that American adults have the right to decide whether they will smoke -- without U.N. bureaucrats trying to make that decision for them.

Barroom Brawl On Tap For Smoking Bylaw:
City talks tough as tavern owners launch legal challenge

City Council Should Tackle Air Pollution:
"The smog monster: Our love affair with cars is poisoning the planet" makes all the fuss over smoking in public places pale by comparison.

Airline Information:
Up In Smoke:
The US Government's definitive report about smoking on airplanes. Fasten your seatbelts, you're in for a major jolt!

Airline Information:
Smoking policies at a glance

Trends in Causes of Death Among the Elderly:
The leading causes of death are... (Forget old age... if nothing kills you, you live forever?)

The Betrayal Of Hippocrates:
Futile Care Theory, by refusing care for the sickest and most disabled among us, is the first step toward a very rigorous health care rationing regiment.

Give Loony Columnists a Night in Jail:
More kids get sick despite second hand delusions

Thunderstorm Air Patterns Cause Asthma Epidemics:
Weather predictions may help victims prepare for attacks

We Are Everyday People:
''Pearl Harbor'' a film that will live in infamy:
...the film reserves its most vigorous sanitization efforts to the almost total elimination of cigarettes from a military scene in which nearly everyone smoked. The same revisionism applied in ``Saving Private Ryan,'' and it's ludicrous.

New "Tolerance" Laws Affecting Curriculum:
Recently passed legislation will directly impact your children in their schools.

Principal: Student to pay for violation:
Pleas can't reverse ban on graduation

U.N. Watch:
U.N. Plans for Americans

From The Mailbag:

This is the Third Reich back in the late 1930s and early 1940s, right? Yes. And it's also present-day New York--or would have been, had Governor Pataki not stopped the niconazi plan before it could be executed.
We have been criticized for calling these people "nazis," but clearly that's what they are. Seig Heil! Can concentration camps be far away?
Wanda Hamilton

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According to the 5-25-01 issue of the St Paul Mn Pioneer Planet,
Rochester City Council wants to ban smoking in restaurants.

Information on the council members:
MAYOR: Chuck Canfield
John Hunziker
Dennis Hanson
Marcia Marcoux
Jean McConnell
Walter Stobaugh
Mack Evans
David Senjem

The city web page is at http://
City of Rochester Minnesota
201 4th Street SE
Rochester Mn 55904
Phone: 507-285-8086
Fax: 507-285-8256