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May 14, 2004 Issue # 276 The Smoker's Club, Inc.


Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
1. Second Hand Joke
2. Mainline That Peanut Butter Cup
3. Dumb Kids, Dumber Parents
4. Air-fresheners Cause A Stink
5. The Heather Crowe File
6. Business Owners Still Waiting
7. Hard Times Ahead For Quebec Bars
8. We Are Everyday People
9. From The Mailbag

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Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
The FCTC represents a historic infringement on the individual's right to choice.

Second Hand Joke. By Sydney Smith. Another problem with the study is that during the six months of the smoking ban, the hospital changed the way it diagnosed heart attacks.
Exposures to second-hand smoke lower than believed, ORNL study finds.
Mainline That Peanut Butter Cup. CNN presents a stellar example of how the symbiotic relationship between junk scientists and the media work. Chocolate, BBQ addiction may be real.
More information for people who eat.
Dumb Kids, Dumber Parents. Why are tobacco control people so stupid and why don't reporters notice it? Certainly the anti-smokers all seem to be suffering from some sort of mental disorder. Consider one ex-smoker advocating prohibition…
Air-fresheners Cause A Stink. Fears raised as plug-ins linked to cancer compounds. Similar particles are belched out by vehicle exhausts and are known to cause respiratory problems, says Donaldson. As a rough estimate, an increase of ten micrograms of particles per cubic metre of air will lead to a 1% increase in deaths from conditions such as asthma, he calculates.
The Heather Crowe File. Heather Crowe has been cold-heartedly manipulated and exploited. So have you. Unfortunately, there are convincing reasons to believe that many things about the Heather Crowe story are not what they appear to be. Some critical "truths" which most people believe they know about Heather Crowe and her story, are not true at all!
Business Owners Still Waiting For Non-smokers To Fill Their Registers. By David Staba. Don't worry -- they'll come back. That was just one of the big lies that supporters of the nation's strictest smoking ban told New York's restaurateurs and tavern-keepers after the law passed.
Hard Times Ahead For Quebec Bars if smoking banned - non-smokers won't pick up sales slack. An independent study conducted for the Fair Air Association of Canada (FAAC) clearly indicates smoking bans will severely damage Quebec's hospitality industry. The research, conducted by Northstar Research Partners, supports what the hospitality industry has long known: smokers are better for business than non-smokers.
We Are Everyday People:
The Stalker State, or Why We Should All Have The Creeps. By Catfarmer. At some point, you're forced to confront the fact that you've been a conspirator in the demise of your own freedom, and a profound sense of shame and grief accompanies that realization.
Zero Tolerance for "Zero Tolerance." By Paul Rosenzweig and Trent England. None of these kids had criminal intent. All went to jail. Read more.
"1984" is now and it started with tobacco, the current anti-smoking campaign was born circa 1948

From The Mailbag:
AK: Opposing sides negotiating all-inclusive smoking ban.
AL: Montgomery may increase cigarette tax.
CA: Banning insanity. Proposed ban on smoking in car goes too far.
CA: State violates tobacco firms' rights, lawyer says Appellate judges seem skeptical of argument over ads.
CA: Hollywood burning over smoking. Industry: 'R' ratings not needed. Valenti: Filtering smoking is filmmakers' call
CT: Hartford. Smoking ban bill is still smoldering.
DE: Casino's lounge scrutinized.
GA: Individuals for Freedom in Georgia, a new Yahoo group to join.
IL: Cigarette tax hike halves sales.
KS: Smoking ban proposal back on table. City smoking ban OK'd; opponents vow to force vote. Lawrence joins growing trend with prohibition, but petition could put issue before public. Smoking ban opponents ask for enforcement delay. Smoking ban not waiting on vote.
KS: Lawrence smoking ban draws detractors.
KY: Complaints Of Businesses Ignoring Smoking Ban Roll In.
MN: St. Paul Council Member to Propose Smoking Ban. Smoking Ban Proposal Could Inspire Fight in St. Paul.
NH: Temporary Tobacco Tax?!
NY: Go to Quig's Bar and Restaurant in Gloversville.
NY: Health officials grant first waivers of smoking ban.
VT: Some In Burlington Feel Put Out By Smoking Ban.
WA: Light(en) up: Nanny-state approach to cigarette smoking is a real drag.
WV: Smoking ban delayed in Wayne.
Australia: WA Govt saves smoking ban laws.
India: Smoking ban violated with impunity. Pune police await order on smoking ban. Indians puff away to defy smoking ban.
Philip Morris USA said it would close the Louisville, KY production plant in the fall of 2006 that employs 112 people, completing its pullout from a city that once was a tobacco industry hub.
State Supreme Court Affirms Defense Verdict in West Virgina Medical Monitoring Lawsuit. In what has been known as the Blankenship case, the six-person jury deliberated a day and a half before returning a unanimous verdict for the tobacco manufacturers.
New cigarette company finds a place in the pack. Heart specialist leaves medicine to fire up Savannah brand, Anderson Tobacco Co.
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