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April 13, 2001 Issue # 115 The Smoker's Club, Inc.

1. Danger! Your Body May be Hazardous to Your Health

2. Tobacco Industry Wins Lawsuit Against Stewardess

3. Smoking Ban Impact On California Restaurants

4. Smoking Ban Bylaw To Make Matters Worse

5. Can Anti-smoking Zealots Accept A Compromise?

6. Ottawa To Set Up National Organ Donor Program

7. Why Do Scented Products Not Rate Same Concern As Cigarette Smoke?

8. We Are Everyday People

9. From The Mailbag

"You can prove anything with statistics. 14% of people know that."
Homer Simpson

"History is always repeating itself, but each time the price goes up."

Danger! Your Body May be Hazardous to Your Health:
In the first nationwide attempt to measure pollution in people's bodies, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday reported finding surprisingly high levels of toxic chemicals commonly used in nail polish, shampoo and soap.

Tobacco Industry Wins Lawsuit Against Stewardess:
Fontana suffers from sarcoidosis, a lung disease for which nobody knows the cause or a cure.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., /PRNewswire/ -- A Miami-Dade County jury found today that R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and other cigarette manufacturers are not liable in the first secondhand smoke suit filed by a flight attendant to reach a jury. ``After hearing all the facts in this case, the six-member jury unanimously agreed that nothing the tobacco companies did had any impact on the illnesses that Marie Fontana claims to have,''

The court victory is the seventh straight win for the tobacco company since January 1, 2001.

Smoking Ban Impact On California Restaurants:
During a period in which we saw a tremendous increase in the overall economy, 1,039 restaurants or bars went out of business.

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Smoking Ban Bylaw To Make Matters Worse:
People think that sending smokers outside will solve the problem. Wrong.

Can Anti-smoking Zealots Accept A Compromise?:
Is it impossible, in fact, for those propelling this crusade forward to conceive of a viable compromise? It's just not possible to envisage smokers going to an establishment that the owner has freely made all-smoking, or the enclosed section of a mixed establishment, where any concerns of patrons or staff are fully addressed? It simply cannot be done?

Ottawa To Set Up National Organ Donor Program:
We would sincerely hope that no smoker would sign up for this program, knowing they may not be given medical treatments when they need them. Smokers shouldn't even give blood until they are no longer considered sub-human, freedom-less creatures to be kicked about.

Why Do Scented Products Not Rate Same Concern As Cigarette Smoke?:
Scented products affect my ability to work and to indulge in recreational activities such as dinner out with friends and going to bars. Wood smoke and diesel exhausts affect me in a similar fashion.

We Are Everyday People:

Loss of freedom:
Enforcing a total ban on smoking in public places will cause a good number of businesses to go bankrupt, leaving many people out of work.

Farcical logic:
Making legal the ostracism and punishment of people who aren't doing anything illegal will put an unnecessary squeeze on local businesses and isn't going to do anything but damage the economy, hurt people financially, and set them at each other's throats.

City has no right to interfere with my business:
I ask everyone, not only bars and restaurants, but anyone who owns his or her own business or property to speak up on behalf of freedom, to put an end to this unfair law. The next bylaw could be the one that changes your life.

Home invasion: Anti-smoking ads:
Can someone tell me what these health officials are smoking?

Mother's milk may trigger peanut allergy

From The Mailbag:

Smoking vs. Non-Smoking Poll

The Death Test:
Ever wonder how long you'll live? If you're the quiet, boring type, you might just live to 100. On the other hand, if you're like us, maybe you should be dead already.

I have always thought, somewhat naively perhaps, that newspapers obtained both sides of a story, and then reported. It appears the papers have forsaken this principle in tobacco cases, and become the pawn of the anti-tobacco lobby.

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