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April 9, 2004 Issue # 271 The Smoker's Club, Inc.


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3. Alcohol Control
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No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
Eleanor Roosevelt
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Cigarettes, USA delivery from Indian Reservation. No tax or reporting.
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Unintended Consequences: Bizarre smoking bans prompt widespread noncompliance. Whiners have a hissy fit.
Alcohol Control. As with smoking, the WHO agenda is driven by the prejudices and pet peeves of a global elite that is more concerned with altering human behavior than with ending disease.
Legal to BUY Pesticides, butt, ILLEGAL TO USE THEM.
About the bylaw: What is a pesticide?
The Best Control. Intelligent pest management.
Fire-safe cigarettes finally on the way.
High taxes drive smokers to the border. And at this tobacco shop in Sackville, all Nova Scotians are welcome.
Have your say at a new petition.
Oscar-winning playwright cancels Winnipeg trip over smoking ban.
More news from Canada.
Secondhand Smoke Scam.
'Smoking Ban Saves Lives in Montana Town' for extensive critique.
Additional critiques of the study, post your own.
Note content and date of UCSF press release.
AHA press release on the study.
Compare these AHA comments with those above. Study questioning second-hand smoke's role in chronic diseases is based on flawed science.
Responses to: Reduced incidence of admissions for myocardial infarction associated with public smoking ban: before and after study. Here's the article.
More Smoking Studies.
Deny Smokers Surgery: Doctors. By Kylie Walker. The suggestion drew criticism from a medical ethics expert, who described it as a violation of human rights.
Smoking cessation and elective surgery: the cleanest cut.
The protective effect of the Mediterranean diet on lung cancer.
Vitamin may cure smoking disease.
Public Comment Opens: Requirements on Separating ETS Areas Proposed by ASHRAE.
AAAAI: Pet Exposure's Protection Against Atopy Nullified If Parents Smoke.
We Are Everyday People:
Death by Protection: By Catfarmer. The best rationalizations for government always seem to concern a need for security and protection against coercion. When the responsibility to protect en masse also conveys the authority to destroy en masse, that constitutes a false sense of security and a treacherous form of protection. Who will protect us from our protectors?
April Fool's Day: Choked Up In Washington. By Norman E. Kjono. We can and should do better than that for small businesses, consumers, and people in the State of Washington.

From The Mailbag:
CA: Cities Ban Smoking at the Beach. Santa Monica, San Clemente and Solana Beach have banned lighting up on the sand.
CA: City Council Considers LA Beach Smoking Ban.
CT: Statewide smoking ban.
ID: Smoking Ban Bill Signed Into Law. Ban except bars and bowling alleys.
IL: Cook County. 82 Cent-Per-Pack Tax Hike.
KY: Louisville-based fast-food group hesitant to cut smoking areas.
KY: Radio ads back smoking ban. Hawkins says spots violate mayoral directive.
MA: Smokers Rights News.
MD: Phillip Morris wins Senate fight over bond caps in trials.
MO: Board rules against asthmatic worker.
NY: 50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers.
NY: State Court gives Buffalo bar a waiver to the State's smoking ban.
NY: Two More Waivers From Smoking Ban Granted.
NY: Genesee County rescinds smoking ban waiver.
RI: State smoking ban bill on fast track.
RI: Smoked out. Post your comments to the article.
RI: Join Yahoo Group: Rhode Island Rights.
Ireland: Smoke and Mirrors.
Ireland: Deasy unapologetic over flouting ban.
Ireland: Irish Smoking Ban Articles.
Malta: Valletta. The government decided to postpone the introduction of the smoking ban in bars and restaurants in order to avoid a confrontation…
Mexico: Tougher smoking law peeves Mexico City's puffing population
Spain: World's Oldest Man Dies at 114 .
Switzerland: Philip Morris threatens to quit Swiss HQ.
USA: Farewell To An Impressive Woman, Rosalind Marimont.
USA: Smoker's Rights News.
USA: Enter the Endless Summer Sweepstakes.

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