The United Pro Choice Smokers
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March 26, 2004 Issue # 269 The Smoker's Club, Inc.


1. Anti-Smoking Campaign Could Go Off Air
2. Nicotine Found to Prevent Some Diseases
3. Smoking 'Studies' Misleading
4. Dairy Food as Deadly as Tobacco
5. Mike's Run May Go Up In Smoke
6. Smoker's Lungs Used In Transplant
7. Industry
8. We Are Everyday People
9. From The Mailbag

"He who smiles when things go wrong has found someone to blame it on"
Bill Murawski

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Tobacco News From Canada
2nd Hand Smoke Is Harmless!
Smoking Studies List

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Anti-Smoking Campaign Could Go Off Air:
An edgy ad campaign aimed at getting kids to stop smoking could be forced off the air because tobacco companies are refusing to keep footing the bill. The industry has so far given the American Legacy Foundation $1.5 billion to pay for the truth ads, which often showcase teenagers.

Nicotine Found to Prevent Some Diseases:
For years consumers have been warned about the dangers of smoking, but now doctors say one ingredient found in cigarettes may hold the key to good health.
Smoking 'Studies' Misleading:
By Chuck Magerl. -- while recognizing that the best way to lose a legitimate argument is to overstate and exaggerate it."
Medical "Truths. By Sydney Smith. Not all hypotheses are created equal, and this one was based on particularly shoddy science.
List of Smoking Studies.
Dairy Food as Deadly as Tobacco - Cancer Expert:
By John von Radowitz. Speaking at a lecture today on diet and cancer, she said: "My advice is don't have any dairy products in any form whatsoever. Just cut them out completely."
NYC: Mike's Run May Go Up In Smoke:
Post your comments. Mayor Bloomberg could be run out of City Hall by the smokers he ran out of bars and into the streets. This will sound funny to those who read polls that say Bloomberg's smoking ban is popular. But it's very serious to the politicians who have their eyes on Gracie Mansion - and their ears to the bitterness of smokers and the business blues of saloon keepers and restaurateurs.
Indoor Air Quality. Better with smoking and ventilation.
Smoker's Lungs Used In Transplant:
"There isn't evidence to say that lungs that are damaged by smoking and still functioning well do any worse than perfect lungs," she said.
Lung donor shortage prompts plea to smokers.
Smokers' lungs given to patients. A spokesman for UK Transplant said: "There is a critical shortage of donated organs.
Philip Morris USA Says Mississippi Ruling in Step With Law; Third-Party Tobacco Litigation Essentially Over.
Cigarette makers not in settlement could face tax.
Tobacco Industry Seeking Legal Protection ; Change In Law Would Cap Bond For Filing Of Appeals In Smoking- Related Suits.
Tobacco Industry Faces U.S. in Trial~GAG alert!
We Are Everyday People:
RFID chips watch Grandma brush teeth.
PETA Wants Constitutional Amendment For Fish. The group spends less than one percent of its 24-million-dollar budget actually helping animals, choosing instead to use its fortune on cheap PR stunts. PETA openly supports violence and terrorist activity.
Tales of The Renegade Smoker: Letter to Fort Collins Colorado.

From The Mailbag:
AK: Council stands firm on smoking law.
AR: Anti-smoking groups issued letters of caution!
AR: Restaurant owner claims Fayetteville smoking ban unevenly enforced.
AR: North Little Rock. Smokers are still waiting to find out if a city-wide ban on smoking will be put before voters.
CA: San Clemente Does Not Plan Active Enforcement of Beach Smoking Ban.
CA: Santa Monica Could Be Third Beach Town To Pass Ordinance.
CA: Santa Monica Heading for Beach Smoking Ban, the third beach ban.
FL: Port Orange. Now, smokers will not be allowed to light up anywhere youth activities take place, including little league fields and playgrounds.
FL: Big Brother's Bus. High-tech school bus tracks kids by fingerprints, GPS.
GA: Cordele. Smoking ban draft in commissioner's hands.
ID: Smoking Ban Bill Heads To Governor's Desk.
ID: Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne signed into law a bill that eliminates smoking in all workplaces, except stand-alone bars and bowling alleys. The law will take effect on July 1, 2004.
IL: Naperville. Will sheriff butts out of tobacco compliance program?
IL: Chicago Councilman Lobbies for Smoking Ban. Although Chicago Mayor Daley has been hesitant to support comprehensive anti-smoking measures, he said he would be open to a bill that reaches beyond the current requirement for restaurants to provide a certain percentage of tables in no-smoking areas.
KY: Terry's Tidbits. By Terry Gray. Would the mayor walk a mile?
MA: Smokers Rights News.
MI: Smoking ban passed by Wayne County Commissioners bans smoking in any private workplace in the county. Bars, restaurants and bingo halls are not covered by the measure, and the county's 43 communities can opt out if their local governing bodies decide against it.
MO: Inspectors have cited no violations of restaurant smoking ban. Ban appears to be hard to enforce.
MO: Springfield. Some restaurant owners say a proposal to ban smoking in all restaurants in the city would force them out of business. Others say their investments for separate smoking areas would go for naught.
NV: Group proposes smoking ban. More.
NY: State Grants One Smoking Ban Waiver. Rejects 13.
OH: Warrant issued in smoking ban battle~geesh!
OH: First Man Convicted of Violating Smoking Ban.
WA: Clallam. Proposed smoking ban might extend to county buildings besides courthouse.
WA: The Gangs That Can't Get Their Facts Straight. By Norman E. Kjono. Anti-tobacco activists failed to persuade legislators to impose a statewide smoking ban.
WA: Bingo Halls, Casinos Threatened by Smoking Ban.
Africa: Kampala. NEMA Gives Period of Grace On Smoking Ban.
Ireland: Pubs in withdrawal, even before smoking ban begins.
Jamaica: No ban on smoking in public places, says Select Committee.