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March 15, 2002 Issue # 163 The Smoker's Club, Inc.

1. Dry fog

2. Tobacco Settlement and Conflicting Goals

3. Mike's Cig Tax Will Backfire

4. City Staff To Study Restaurant Smoking Ban

5. Letters to the Editor

6. Ottawa Resumes Fight Against Tobacco Giant

7. Israelis Breathe Easier Because They Still Smoke

8. We Are Everyday People

9. From The Mailbag

"Democracy means simply the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people."
Oscar Wilde.

Dry fog:
By Jacob Sullum. This embarrassing error brought some well-deserved scrutiny to CASA... As soldiers risking their lives for our country, they can carry machine guns, but they dare not touch a bottle of beer.

Tobacco Settlement and Conflicting Goals:
By Bruce Bartlett. Predictably, the states are whining about the lost revenue, saying it will increase pressure to cut spending. This only goes to prove once again that the settlement was never really about reducing smoking. It was always about one thing: extorting money from the tobacco industry.

Mike's Cig Tax Will Backfire:
By Jerry Della Femina. Let me set the record straight. I don't smoke and I haven't touched a cigarette in 30 years. I don't represent a tobacco company or ever intend to represent one. So why am I so appalled by Mayor Bloomberg's decision to squeeze those poor unfortunates addicted to cigarettes with a tax that will bring the cost up to seven bucks a pack? Because Bloomberg, Rudy Lite, may have tripped up and just started World War III.

Forces Indiana

City Staff To Study Restaurant Smoking Ban:
By David Clouston. Salina City Commissioner Don Heath carefully laid out his views Monday regarding committing city staff time to studying a possible ordinance to ban smoking in restaurants in Salina.

Letters to the Editor:
Anti-tobacco forces are putting out misinformation. By Dan Hass.
Tobacco tax shows government greed. By Dave Pickrell.

Ottawa Resumes Fight Against Tobacco Giant:
Tell us again how the 'tobacco control' issue is about health.

Israelis Breathe Easier Because They Still Smoke:
Reason. By Howard Mortman. In Israel, smoke is everywhere, even as smoking is against the law. An excellent point was raised in a Jerusalem Post editorial last summer: "It is self defeating for a society to pass laws that are blatantly and widely disregarded."

We Are Everyday People:

Target Market Covert Ops?:
Target Market members broke into the State Capitol's parking garage and illegally distributed leaflets. On the same day, legislators were laughing at Target Market and its prevention through "giving away free stuff". We will bring you more on this breaking story of stupidity...

Woman Denied Job Because She Smokes:
By Michael Friscolanti. Claims discrimination: Regina woman told not to apply to lung association.

Business's that have closed due to smoking ban

Ultra-White Teeth Whitening Products

From The Mailbag:

Today I was browsing the usually rotten news from the war on smoking. Even a consumed fighter like me can be hurt more than usual, and disgusted more than he can bear, sometimes. The triumph of fascism in Maine. The smoker who has lost his house. The smoker killed by the British Medical community.

"Kids aren't stupid and are starting to see through some of the BS. In 2 years 8 kids in her school have died, many in her class. She says many kids blame some of it on the anti-smoking "cigarettes are worse than drugs and alcohol" mentality. Car crashes, drunk driving, drug OD's and suicide were the causes of the deaths of these kids. She is unaware of any of them being smokers."

The European Union on Thursday granted Poland an exemption until 2009 from higher excise tax on cigarettes to stave off possible social discontent in the heavy smoking east European nation with its forthcoming EU entry .

I am a French non-smoking professional currently working in California. I am against any discrimination and I was very shocked to see that Sensoray specifies in their job pages that "Applicants must be nonsmokers."

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