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March 14, 2003 Issue # 215 The Smoker's Club, Inc.


1. I Am Not An American
2. March 30th NYC smokers say "Bye-Bye Bloomberg!"
3. PETA Turns Holocaust into Pig Pen
4. Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
5. Bingo Halls Protest Smoking Ban
6. The Pyramid Factor
8. We Are Everyday People
9. From The Mailbag

"I have every sympathy with the American who was so horrified by what he read about the effects of smoking that he gave up reading."
Henry Strauss

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C.L.E. Heritage Bldg
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

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I Am Not An American:
By Warren Klass. I am a patriotic Canadian who is sick and tired of the America bashing going on in many parts of the world.

March 30th NYC smokers say "Bye-Bye Bloomberg!"
If you can't make it to the "Bye-Bye Bloomberg" Bash on March 30th we suggest you make your way down to the featured Grand Central Terminal on that day and prove to Bloomberg and the NYC Council that you'll spend your money and continue to have fun where you're welcome. Grand Central Terminal is set to become a smokers' oasis on March 30, when the city's ban on smoking in bars and restaurants is scheduled to kick in.
Places to go in NYC.
Confusion Over New York Cigar Bars.
PETA Turns Holocaust into Pig Pen:
By Brian Willoughby. In side-by-side photographic images, PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - directly compares farm-animal slaughter to the extermination of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. (CAUTION: VERY UPSETTING PHOTOS!)
Holocaust Imagery and Animal Rights "Whatever his dietary preferences, Hitler showed little sympathy for the vegetarian cause in Germany. When he came to power in 1933, he banned all the vegetarian societies in Germany….Nazi persecution forced German vegetarians, a tiny minority in a nation of carnivores, either to flee the country or go underground."
Tobacco instead of... (Another upsetting page!)
Framework Convention on Tobacco Control:
GENEVA. 171 nations reach smoking control treaty. The final draft of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. ASH UK has an html version. WHO has posted the FCTC text in English in pdf format. And: Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish.
Bingo Halls Protest Smoking Ban:
Dallas restaurant owners aren't the only ones to say they're being burned by the new smoking ban.
The Pyramid Factor:
Or, You Are What You Eat. By Joe Bommarito. Nanny leapt into action and came into our kitchens. She inventoried out our refrigerators and cupboards. She looked into our mouths. She slid down our throats and took up residence in our stomachs.
OBESITY:Researchers find that obesity is associated with higher rates of chronic medical conditions and with worse physical health-related quality of life than are lifetime smoking, problem drinking or poverty.
Couch potato lifestyle is worse for your health than smoking.
Surgeon general warns obesity may overtake tobacco as leading preventable killer.
Obesity worse for health than smoking.
Office of The Surgeon General Overweight and Obesity.
A Pot Belly of Gold By James K. Glassman. "Ex-smokers typically gain weight," they write." They see evidence that "the upward trend in obesity is at least partly attributable to the anti-smoking campaign."
We Are Everyday People:
You own your life. The smoking dog. How to get to sleep. Burning Issues. A project of Clean Air Revival, Inc. Ephedra. The real answer is realistic regulation of the supplement industry. County In New York Bans Sale Of Ephedra. FDA Takes Stand On Dietary Supplements. Adware, spyware, now scumware? JimWorld's site promises to expose "the lowest forms of Internet traffic and hijacking." The last time we looked, there were 442 online training courses, 403 online tutorials, and 1,956 online jobs available. Enter two search terms and see which one is the most popular. Google search on "Tobacco Lawsuits": Why e-mail pests are becoming more polite The right way to print your digital photos. Internet Archive.
From The Mailbag:
CA: Assemblyman Paul Koretz (D - West Hollywood) has introduced a bill that would increase the sale age for tobacco to 21.
CA: Assemblyman Joe Nation's bill, AB210, which has yet to be heard in a committee, has two parts.
CO: Pueblo. The smoking ban has been suspended by another petition drive. City council is trying to come up with a compromise ordinance. Both sides are meeting again on that later this week.
DE: The rumblings in Dover, are starting to reveal a very positive climate for a overwhelming yes vote on House Bill 15 (To permit smoking in over 21 years of age establishments like bars and casinos). The vote is next week March 18!
FL: Amendment No. 6. The Select Senate Committee for Constitutional Amendment Implementation. The contact list for the members of the committee if you want to let them know your opinion.
IN: Muncie. Smoking ban to become political issue.
KY: Maneuver riles both sides on smoke ban, a recent attempt in the state legislature to prevent any local government from enacting such a ban. Currently, the state does not allow referendums on public smoking.
KY: The Urban County Council's services committee agreed yesterday to hold at least one more public meeting on the smoking ban issue. The meeting is scheduled for 4 p.m. March 25 at Government Center, 200 East Main Street, and will go before the entire council.
MO: Air-quality tests begin at Lambert.
NY: Kingston. Ulster County's Conservative Party committee members are carrying petitions asking lawmakers to reject a move to restrict smoking in public places.
OK: Senate Passes Anti-Smoking Legislation. Measures Now Head To State Senate
Ireland: Smoking ban in pubs 'unworkable' By Pat Brosnan. Beamish & Crawford managing director Alf Smiddy believes there needs to be more serious debate on the government proposals relating to the drinks industry.