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February 18, 2000 Issue # 55 The Smoker's Club, Inc.

1. Anti-Tobacco Activism at the World Bank

2. Let Us Have The Real Truth

3. Clinton Demands Universal Coverage

4. Physicians' Group Criticizes Clinton Tobacco Fine Proposal

5. Exposures To Second-hand Smoke Lower Than Believed

6. Internet Cigar Group

7. Tip Off, Light Up: The NBA's Cigar-Friendly Arenas

8. We Are Everyday People

9. From The Mailbag

Quote Of The Week:

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
... Albert Einstein

Anti-Tobacco Activism at the World Bank:
By Richard Tren and Hugh High. We have written this review with the intention of encouraging an economic debate on the highly politicised subject of tobacco control.

Let Us Have The Real Truth:
By Joy Faulkner. The latest world health statisticts show that the worlds sickest countries are firstly the US then New Zealand. Both these countries have the most draconion anti-smoking agenda, second only to that of the Third Reich. The healthiest country in the world and the lowest infant death rate is held by Japan, who also oddly enough have the highest smoking rate.

Clinton Demands Universal Coverage:
By Terence Hunt, AP White House Correspondent. President Clinton, trying to bring pressure on Congress, said today that a patients' rights bill should cover all Americans and allow them to sue health providers for inadequate care.

Physicians' Group Criticizes Clinton Tobacco Fine Proposal:
By Jim Burns. Dr. Jane Orient, Association President, said in a statement, "Concern about health does not justify using Third Reich measures against corporations engaged in a legal business. What's next? Fining auto makers for each speeding driver, nailing Hershey for every diabetic who eats a candy bar, or gouging McDonald's for all obese people who order a Big Mac?"

Exposures To Second-hand Smoke Lower Than Believed:
Exposures to environmental tobacco smoke may be lower than earlier studies indicated for bartenders, waiters and waitresses, according to a study conducted by researchers at the Department of Energy¹s Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Internet Cigar Group:
The world's largest organization of cybersmokers! Our pages here are full of free, non-commercial information representing cybersmokers from all over the world! Visit the ICG Resource Page - one of the best, most comprehensive collections of cigar information on the Internet!

Tip Off, Light Up: The NBA's Cigar-Friendly Arenas:
Apart from the new Staples Center in Los Angeles, there isn't a single arena in the Western Conference that has a designated smoking area, much less a spot that caters specifically to cigar lovers. Fortunately, things are a little better in the Eastern Conference. Here's the situation, broken out by division.

From The Mailbag:

Can you imagine a team briefing for the Smoking Police, similar to Hill Street Blues? "Now let's be careful out there, and don't forget the bucket of water to dampen their rights." "How many did you get yesterday, Bob?" "Well, 45 cigarette smokers, 2 pipe smoking freaks, and a pair of doozies with cigars - yup, whipped the smokes right out of their mouths just before I whipped their bottoms."

We Are Everyday People:

Just For Smokers: The SMOKER'S REVENGE T-shirt.

NSA SpeakEasy : SpeakEasy is the only forum of its kind on the net, providing civil and literate discussion of smoking and tobacco issues and providing timely information.

Comebacks For Smokers : "Does the smoke bother your nose job?" "Is it the smoke that bothers you, or the sight of someone enjoying themselves?" "Doctors say that people with sensitive noses are sexually repressed. I think I'll just keep smoking." "If I put out my cigarette, you wouldn't have anything to whine about." "If I put out my cigarette, it wouldn't be fair to those I've already said "no" to."

Smoking Freedom Network: Freedom to smoke or not to smoke links.

Stop Big Brother: Your private medical records will soon be an open file -- without your consent or knowledge.

SLF: A First In U.S. History -- Sitting President Faces Legal Discipline Proceedings:

Gene Therapy Reverses Heart Disease In Mice:

Anti-smoking Saga A Juvenile And Repugnant Affair: I am a non-smoker who also deplores inhaling second-hand smoke. But I equally deplore spending three hours on a confined airliner with a perfumed person next to me, or standing in an elevator with Mr. Aqua Velva, ... What legislative impositions is he willing to place on them? If we are not careful, it will not be long before Mr. Rock and his like will be telling us what food to eat, what sexual habits to engage in and how to raise our children, ...

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