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January 30, 2004 Issue # 261 The Smoker's Club, Inc.


1. Study Blows Smoke on Lung Cancer Causes
2. KHIK Me Please
3. Feds Bust Cigarette-Smuggling Operation
4. In Defense of Smokers
5. The Sin Tax: Economic and Moral Considerations
6. German Airline Study
7. Washington
8. We Are Everyday People
9. From The Mailbag

"The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities"
Ayn Rand

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Study Blows Smoke on Lung Cancer Causes:
By Steven Milloy. Do smokers who reduce, but don't quit smoking, reduce their risk of smoking-related disease? Reminiscent of past allegations of tobacco industry lying, the anti-tobacco industry apparently doesn't want smokers to know the truth.

KHIK Me Please:
By Terry Gray. KHIK, just remember my warning to you. Every time you push for a price increase you are creating criminals and those criminals are likely to be your own kids.
Feds Bust Cigarette-Smuggling Operation:
Largest probe to date involving the smuggling of cigarettes into the United States. Arrests in 5 states in scheme involving more than 107 million cigarettes
In Defense of Smokers:
By Lauren A. Colby. A free book to read online that refutes the wild, irresponsible and untruthful anti-smoking propaganda which obscures the truth.
The Sin Tax: Economic and Moral Considerations:
By Robert A. Sirico, CSP. The search for government revenue in fiscally tight times tempts legislators to raise revenue by imposing unusually high excise taxes on cigarettes, liquor, gambling, and so on. This type of charge, often called a "sin tax," appeals to voters who view it as a way of discouraging consumption of certain objectionable products. Yet the temptation to impose sin taxes is one that should be resisted for economic and moral reasons.
German Airline Study:
The study concluded that "Occupational causes seem not to contribute strongly to the mortality of airline attendants.
Smoking ban back in court in Tacoma; county ready to issue fines. By Kyung M. Song. (1/22/04) Smoking scofflaws in Pierce County may soon receive fines instead of mere warnings if a judge rules today in favor of the county health department's 3-week-old ban on smoking in public places.
Washington lawmakers consider extending smoking ban. As Pierce County battles over a smoking ban, state lawmakers take up the issue of controlling tobacco.
Indoor Smoking Ban? A proposal to ban smoking in all indoor, public places in Washington state appears to be going up in smoke.
Pierce County's smoking ban tossed out. (1/23/04) A judge terminated Pierce County's 3-week-old no-smoking rule for bars, restaurants and other indoor public places Thursday, saying the regulation conflicts with state law.
Judge overturns smoking ban. Smokers can light up with impunity again in Pierce County bars and restaurants, thanks to a Thursday court decision.
Washington State Smokers. A public yahoo group for anyone who wants to talk about the Washington ban situation!
We Are Everyday People:
One For The Hunter: By Catfarmer. Hunter's dilemma concerns anyone with a reason to cross state lines. Lawlessness doesn't result from a shortage of laws: lawlessness results from the failure of law to command respect. Law fails to command respect when it is arbitrary, and enforced capriciously.
The Poison Page: By Bill Murawski. The CDC found many chemicals in our bodies which apparently leach into our systems through products always thought to be completely innocuous.

From The Mailbag:

CA: Smoked out: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is embarking on his most risky and controversial campaign -- he wants to bring smoking back to the Capitol. The Austrian Oak, who makes no secret of his love for fine cigars, is planning to turn his private outdoor patio into a cigar bar during parties. The first smoker event is scheduled for Valentine's Day. It's invitation only, with the guest list vetted for anti-smokers who might raise a stink. "There will be some people who complain, but they better get used to it," a Capitol insider said. The smoking patio is near the "horseshoe," where the governor's top staffers work. Nonsmokers are taking a wait-and-see pose.
CO: Windsor smoking ban could go to voters. By Nikolaus Olsen. "I just feel like smoking is an owner's priority because smoking is legal," said Rogene Pennington, 52, owner of The Sprit Shoppe, 1055 Main St.
CO: Windsor won't vote on smoking ban. By Julie Piotraschke. Duke of Windsor owner Cathy Best came to a Windsor Town Board meeting with a mission - to keep a proposed smoking ban from making it to the April ballot. She succeeded.
CO: Frisco smoking ban will have exceptions. By Julie Sutor. The war is not over, but Frisco smokers have won at least one battle. On Tuesday, the Frisco Town Council directed town attorney Thad Renaud to draft an ordinance that would ban smoking in enclosed public places, except in separate smoking rooms with separate ventilation systems.
CO: Breck council views draft of smoking ban. By Jane Stebbins. The Breckenridge Town Council got its first glimpse Tuesday at a draft ordinance that would ban smoking in public places, and elected officials hope to be the first town in the county to approve the ban.
ID: Lawmakers To Consider Public Smoking Ban. By Jon Hanian. Supporters of the proposed law say it is necessary. But the President of the Idaho Lodging and Restaurant Association has a message for lawmakers. "It is not fair to regulate us that way."
IL: Smoking ban would be foolish. A ban on smoking in DeKalb bars, which is in the early stages of development by the Citizens Advisory Committee, would drive away customers and infringe on property owners' rights.
MD: Legislators try again for state smoking ban. By Sara K. Clarke. A statewide smoking prohibition bill has been put forward in a second attempt to make all Maryland workplaces, including restaurants and bars, smoke-free.
ME: Maine Smoking Ban Drives Smokers Over Border. Add your comments here.
ME: Lawyer wants AMHI smoking ban overturned. AUGUSTA. A lawyer representing patients at the state's psychiatric hospital is asking that a proposal to ban smoking anywhere on hospital grounds be overturned.
MT: State defends law to limit Helena smoking ban. By Bob Anez. A state Justice Department lawyer argued Friday that the 2003 law prohibiting enforcement of Helena's voter-approved smoking ban in casinos does not infringe on the self-government powers of citizens. The legislation dealt only with casinos and how they are regulated, so it cannot be argued that the bill violated a requirement that it contain just one subject, she said.
MT: Bar owners up in arms on no smoking regulations. By Noel Grima. Bar owners and owners of leisure and entertainment spots are up in arms over regulations which would ban, it is understood, all smoking in all public places as from April.
MT: Bar owners enraged by 'imprisonment' threat.
NY: Updates for the legal challenges to the smoking ban.
NY: Oswego County approves smoking ban waiver policy. People will be able to smoke in bars or restaurants that can meet strict guidelines, including proof of a drastic loss in revenue that is directly linked to the smoking ban. A waiver would last for two years.
NY: The State Of The Smoking Ban After Six Months. Six months after New York stamped out cigarette smoking in virtually all places of business, a few bars and restaurants can still legally let patrons light up while others face penalties for violating the smoke-free law.
OH: Bars form charity; patrons light up. By Tom Troy. 'Taverns for Tots' claims exemption. Several Toledo tavern owners have created a private club that they say will allow their premises to be exempt from the city's smoking ban. City officials, however, are not conceding that the organization meets the city law's definition of a private club.
OH: Judge Snuffs Out Private Clubs to Dodge Smoking Ban. Toledo's smoking won another victory in court. A federal judge in Toledo issued a temporary restraining order stopping bar owners from trying to sidestep the smoking ban. U.S. District Judge James Carr yesterday stopped bars from taking part in a charity organization that they created so that customers could still smoke.
RI: Rhode Island Smokers. A public yahoo group for anyone who wants to talk about the Rhode Island ban situation!
TN: Several Tennessee cities want to repeal a state law that prevents them from regulating smoking in restaurants, bars and other privately owned businesses. At least three bills are pending in the state General Assembly to wipe the 1994 law from the books. The bills' supporters include officials from Nashville, Memphis, Jackson and Knoxville. Efforts to regulate tobacco have had a tough time in the legislature, where two powerful interest groups - restaurant owners and farmers - tend to oppose them.
TX: City smoking ban still, for now, dead issue. Longview City Councilwoman Karen Hailey has, at least for now, dropped her efforts for the city to revisit the smoking ordinance that was adopted a year ago.
VA: Gaithersburg Will Consider County Smoking Ban, Other Plans.
Canada: Prohibition on puffing. By Warren Frey. Crowsnest Pass Promoter. Area smokers may soon have a few restrictions on their favorite habit. A proposed smoking bylaw underwent its first reading at the municipal Council meeting on January 20. The new bylaw would prohibit smoking in all enclosed public spaces where minors are permitted.
EU: Clouds of Smoke over Europe.
IE: Smoking ban's start date pushed back until Easter. By Harry McGee. The Irish Examiner understands that the ban will take up to eight weeks to come into effect once the Department of Health gets the go-ahead for its implementation from the European Commission at the end of next week.
UK: Copy NY's smoking ban, says city chief. By Mark Hookham. The leader of Liverpool Council last night declared Liverpool should copy New York City's zero-tolerance smoking ban.