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January 4, 2002 Issue # 153 The Smoker's Club, Inc.

1. Stop Blaming Smokers

2. Sheriff Limiting Smokers' Rights

3. Ashes in Nashua

4. Who May Harm Whom?

5. The CDC's Public Health Turkeys

6. Berserkley Bans Fireplaces

7. WHO Cares?

8. Heil Health

9. Court Accepts Man's Claim That Nicotine Patch Led To Delusions

10. We Are Everyday People

11. From The Mailbag

Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most times he will pick himself up and carry on.
Winston Churchill

Stop Blaming Smokers:
By Darlene Brennan. The anti-smokers want it their way or no way. What happened to the freedom of choice in America? How did Maine turn into a bunch of Taliban?

Sheriff Limiting Smokers' Rights:
By Barbara Aucoin. Apparently, the rights and freedoms contained in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights only apply to people who don't smoke.

Ashes in Nashua:
Restaurateurs remain free, for now. Restaurants are private businesses, not public places. If restaurant owners want to allow smoking in their buildings, the government has no right to tell them they can't. End of story.

Who May Harm Whom?:
By Walter E. Williams. But harm is a two-way street, and it's a daunting task to determine whether one harm is more important than another.
Selected Syndicated Columns by Walter E. Williams

The CDC's Public Health Turkeys:
By Steven Milloy. Virtually every human activity may have personal health and injury consequences. That, however, should not make every human activity a public health problem subject to CDC nanny-ing.

Berserkley Bans Fireplaces:
The city council has banned log-burning fireplaces in new buildings and - the most tragic news of the year for the crackpot college town's snooty sybarites - even attacked those trendy wood-fired pizza ovens spewing the foul fumes of vegan arugula foccaccio.

WHO Cares?:
By Brian Doherty. The World Health Organization cares more about its own life than the lives of the poor. Why, to borrow Paul Dietrich's question, is WHO concerned with seatbelts and smoking when the world's poor are still dying of measles and tuberculosis?

Heil Health:
By Pierre Lemieux. Nazi policy favored natural food and opposed fat, sugar, alcohol, and sedentary lifestyles. The existing temperance movement against alcohol and tobacco became more active under the Nazis, who were involved in what Proctor calls "creating a secure and sanitary utopia."

Court Accepts Man's Claim That Nicotine Patch Led To Delusions:
By Anne Marie Owens. A court in New York has overturned a finding of child neglect after experts testified that a man confessed to the crime because he was suffering delusions that may have been caused by a nicotine patch.
Man's Use of Nicotine Patch Voids Finding of Child Neglect:
New York Law Journal. An expert's opinion that a man claiming to have hit his wife and daughter was probably suffering from delusions caused by nicotine withdrawal or the use of a nicotine patch...

We Are Everyday People:

We Must Not Give in to a National ID :
By Twila Brase. With opportunists, policymakers, and profilers lining up to turn America into a nation of suspects, the civil liberties of Americans need all the protection they can get.

New Year's Day Brings New Laws:
from elections to health care to gambling on fish.

Smoker's Lounge:
Articles and links for smokers.

Anti Smokers Die Of Cancer:
More anti smoker crusader doctors die of cancer.

New-car Smell Can Be Toxic:
By Tim Lougheed. Cancer-causing agents: Australian researchers place blame on molded plastics

The Lord Of The Rings:
Review for subject content for parents.

From The Mailbag:

You won't catch many employees of tobacco giant Philip Morris stamping out cigarettes on the steps of the company's corporate headquarters at 41st St. and Park Ave. They're still free to light up on the job; in their offices, in conference rooms, hallways, restrooms, even the cafeteria. Only the elevator is off-limits, for safety reasons.

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