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May 13, 2011 - Issue #612

"In the sick room, ten cents worth of human understanding
equals ten dollars worth of medical science."
- Martin H. Fischer
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! "No smoking" signs actually drive smokers to light up? "What's interesting is the ironic effect of the negative image. No smoking signs are meant to discourage an activity but what happens is you get a kick back so that the very item that's supposed to be prohibited becomes more desirable," Earp said. The study will be presented at the British Psychological Society's annual meeting in Glasgow.
Hospital Violence: Some Link Increased Violence At Napa State Hospital To Smoking Ban. The alleged killer of Donna Gross is patient Jess Massey. A man who, according to records, has a criminal history of armed robbery, sexual assault, and murder. Some patients at Napa State Hospital believe they know why Donna was targeted. "If you talk about the Jess Massey thing, it's almost a unanimous consensus. He killed her over tobacco," said Michael, a hospital patient. Since the campus has been tobacco free, patient on staff assaults have nearly quadrupled.
USA: STUDY: SMOKING BANS CAUSE DROP OUTS FROM ADDICTION TREATMENT. Smokers and non-smokers alike were more apt to leave substance abuse treatment centers after a smoking ban was instituted, researchers say. Tobacco-free treatment facilities began in New Jersey in the 1990s but many treatment facilities tend to allow patients to smoke because some say treating a person for smoking in addition to other substance abuse would be too difficult and result in failure, Gregoire says.
Canada: Markham Stouffville Hospital to ban smoking on all property. Michael J. McFadden disagrees. He questioned whether or not hospitals have the right to "dictate" patient behaviour thatís "not deeply, immediately and fundamentally affecting their treatment at the hospital".
Scotland: Judge agrees to hear mental patient's suit against smoking ban. It seems distasteful to force a smoking ban on someone just because you can: just because the courts have awarded you custody over this person for treatment purposes Ė even though the treatment s/he is receiving is not smoking-related.
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Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! CO: Join The Spirit Keeper Tavern, in Black Forest. May 15th fundraiser and poker run! With our support, we can make another child's wish a reality.
GA: Smoking ban snuffed out as Macon council fails to overturn veto. The vote means the smoking ban that would have prevented anyone from lighting up in various places, including Maconís bars, wonít take effect later this year after all. Listen to the Jeremy Richards interview.
LA: Premium Cigar Association Says No to Higher Tobacco Taxes in Louisiana. The House Ways and Means Committee of the Louisiana State Legislature is considering H.B. 63, legislation that would nearly triple the excise tax on cigarettes.
NY: A Smoking Ban Too Far. By Michael B. Siegel. A ban on outdoor smoking may provide a symbolic victory. But from a public health perspective, itís pointless.
NY: NJ woman chides NYC smoker, gets stabbed with pen. A New Jersey woman was stabbed in the face with a pen on a New York City subway train after she tried to stop a man from lighting a cigarette.
TX: A Dallas physician is accused of trying to run over someone he allegedly saw smoking near his car. Police say 54-year-old Dr. Jeffrey Reed Thompson faces a felony charge of aggravated assault with a vehicle.
USA: Nanny of the Month: Drug Warrior-in-Chief Barack Obama!
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Scotland: Freedom to Choose (Scotland). Educating the general public, and particularly the general public in Scotland, on matters where freedom of choice is under threat.... "When health is equated with freedom, liberty as a political concept vanishes." (Dr. Thomas Szasz, The Therapeutic State). INTOLERANCE IS THE MOST PREVENTABLE CAUSE OF INEQUALITIES!
UK: Freedom2Choose do not represent either extreme of the passive smoke debate; we are not a pro-tobacco organisation funded by tobacco companies nor are we anti-smokers funded by drug companies. We are members of the public from all walks of life, professional through to working class, united in a determination to expose the myths that are currently leading to the removals of the freedoms of the people of this nation.
UK: Voices of Freedom to discuss smokers' rights. Peter Hitchens, Toby Young, Oscar-winning screenwriter Sir Ronald Harwood and David Davis MP are just four of the speakers taking part in The Free Societyís Voices of Freedom series of debates in London in June.
UK: Save Our Pubs & Clubs supports Great British Pub Award. We want YOU to nominate a smoker-friendly pub that you think deserves to be recognised. All you have to do is send us the name of the pub plus a very brief description of the smoking area. We will then contact the landlord and ask if they would like to be nominated for the award. Closing date for entries is May 20, 2011.
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! The Lies Behind The Smoking Bans!
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Section 1: The Health Fraud.
Section 2: The Economic Fraud.
Section 3: What YOU Need To Do!
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