The Property Rights Newsletter

October 22, 2010 - Issue #589

"The distance between insanity and genius
is measured only by success."
- Bruce Feirstein
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! Third Hand Smoke Update: Terribly Toxic T-Shirts. By Michael J. McFadden, CFA Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator. In yet another chapter of the Tale of Terribly Toxic Tobacco, a textiles researcher at Hohenstein University released preliminary details on a study seemingly designed to terrify parents who might smoke outside on a balcony that they will be poisoning their innocent infants with the deadly neurotoxin known as nicotine as it secretes itself on their T-Shirts and then leaps out to burrow into and destroy the little babes' skin cells. No, as usual, we are not making this up. Of course a little seat of the pants figuring reveals that the typical smoker would have to take roughly 6 quadrillion smoking breaks in this manner to "poison" the child with the equivalent of a single cigarette. At a pack a day that's roughly 300 trillion years' worth of smoking and baby cuddling (about 30,000 times as long as the universe has existed, give or take a few eons).
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights By Michael Siegel, MD, MPH. Reporting as "Science" Claims from Press Release by Institute that Markets Floor Mops.
ANR Removes Unsupported Thirdhand Smoke Claim from Web Site.
Stop and Think About This: My Warnings About the Degradation of the Scientific Integrity of the Tobacco Control Movement Have, Unfortunately, Come True.
Action on Smoking and Health Reinforces Its Claim that 30 Minutes of Smoke Exposure Raises a Nonsmokers' Fatal Heart Attack Risk to That of a Smoker.
From The Mailbag
Greece: Greece's smokers stoke up rebellion. The country's response to its government's anti-smoking campaign is proving more inflammatory than predicted. The collective snub is yet another example that the Greeks are not going to take this crisis and the hard-hitting changes that it has spawned, lying down.
Scotland News: Freedom-2-Choose. Denormalisation: 'an obvious escape from this negativity is to quit smoking' - Barron defeats Nuttall without cowing Binley - David Nuttall talks about his Bill to amend smoking ban - Ballard not daunted by dismal quit rates in Tayside - Report: global treaty blocked by big tobacco - Professor Pell: tribute from Snowdon, Blastland and Dockrell.
Fat Damage: 300-pound Mets fan who fell on woman at game too drunk to chant "Let's Go Mets." The lawyer levelled the allegations to bolster his client's contention that the Mets and their beer vendor should be held responsible for his client's injuries for serving the obvious drunk more beer and for failing to have security remove him from the game.
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! Watch: Emiliano Altunez, Florida state coordinator for The Smokers’ Club, Inc. He says the tobacco ban is “the snowball… rolling down the hill.”
Watch: Phil Williams. No cash bags, and even less freedom.
Watch: Ron Paul. Tobacco Prohibition.
Watch: Ray Stevens. Come to the USA.
Watch: Ray Stevens. We The People.
Watch: The Bellamy Brothers. Jalapenos.
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights!
Rupesh Shingadia - The Cigar Guy
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