The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

August 29, 2008 - Issue #497

Courage is the mastery of fear - not the absence of fear.
- Mark Twain
Kim Larsen. Fight against smoking ban. Manager Jørn Jeppesen says that the slogan is indeed inspired from the nazi slogan and he finds it quite suitable as the German regime under Adolf Hitler was the first to make smoking restrictions in their attempt to create the Perfect Race.

"Health intervention" are band wagon and cult like witch burning campaigns. Letter to the World Health Organization. We are under a constant assault of statistical woes and “new” discoveries, to the point of information overload where the majority of us are simply confused; between the views of legitimate unbiased information, and quite biased advocacy cherry picked information produced with conscious intent to deceive, in order to gain an advantage.

Cold Turkey has always been the best way to quit smoking. NRT is very ineffective. The American Cancer Society's 2003 Cancer Facts and Figures report asserts that 91.4% of all successful long-term quitters quit entirely on their own.

Chantix: The quit smoking pill that has horrible side effects, and is even killing some people.
From The Mailbag
KY: New Albany Mayor Doug England ponders veto of ban.
MN: Delegates will surely see the massive damage due to bans.
PA: Businesses brace for smoking ban, grace period over.
RI: Tribe member appeals verdict in smoke shop lawsuit.
TX: Magnolia Hotels now smoke-free in Dallas and Houston.
TX: Testimony of Mike Hello from AMOT to the Senate.
USA Movie Ratings Don’t Teach Children Not To Smoke.
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter, read all the news.
UK: Deadline Sept.8 for submissions to the consultation document.
The Slippery Slope After Tobacco
Does Hot Dog-Cancer Ad Go Too Far?
It's a startling revelation in an ad that vilifies one of America's most beloved, if maligned, foods, while stoking fears about a dreaded disease. But the boy doesn't have cancer. Neither do two other kids in the ad who claim to be afflicted.

Red Bull Ban? Is Red Bull next on the chopping block? So in keeping with the silly “no safe level of…” rhetoric that every rational person should consider suspect when they hear it, some Aussie doctor is now making the claim that there is “no safe level of Red Bull consumption.”

Water bottles ban London, Ontario plans to replace the water bottles with newly built water fountains. He even insisted that "drinkers of bottled water are the new smokers," and should be similarly socially vilified.

AL hits obese workers with fee. Alabama already charges workers who smoke -- and has seen some success in getting them to quit -- but now has turned its attention to a problem that plagues many people in the Deep South: obesity.
Smokers and fat people should pay higher health insurance premiums to encourage them to live a healthier life and make them less of a burden on the health system, according to one of Perth’s leading cardiologists.
UK Taking fat kids from parents. It will also discuss whether the food industry should use agreed standards on portion sizes, government campaigns on healthy eating, and incentives for local councils and small businesses to promote exercise.
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