The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

August 8, 2008 - Issue #494

"If people can learn to hate they can be taught to love, for love
comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite."
- Nelson Mandela
House passes bill to regulate tobacco. House of Representatives voted 326-102 to place tobacco under the jurisdiction of the Food and Drug Administration. The move would give FDA bureaucrats the ability to regulate tobacco as well as tobacco advertisements, a power that both Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt and FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach oppose. In a statement, the White House threatened to veto the bill if the Senate passes a version pending there and sends it to President Bush’s desk.

Smoking: A case for harm reduction? By Libby Topp.

Scotland Rehashing an old study, and pretending it is new. Will the British Heart Foundation and ASH now retract their earlier statements and apologize to the public for drawing and disseminating premature conclusions? I doubt it. This is why it is essentially that we get it right the first time around. But when your sole criterion for scientific quality is whether the study results support your pre-determined conclusion, it is going to be difficult to get it right the first time, or any time.

The Doors Of Perception: Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything. By Dr. Tim O'Shea. We are the most conditioned, programmed beings the world has ever known. Not only are our thoughts and attitudes continually being shaped and molded; our very awareness of the whole design seems like it is being subtly and inexorably erased.

Canada looting tobacco companies. By Pierre Lemieux. The settlement between two major cigarette manufacturers (Imperial Tobacco Canada and Rothmans, Benson & Hedges) and the federal and provincial governments is a shame. It not only continues the persecution of smokers and their suppliers, it also brings state surveillance and the egoism of state rulers to new heights.
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