The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

July 4, 2008 - Issue #489

"Elected officials have an obligation to protect the rights not only of the majority but the minority as well. Just as free speech, unpopular but legal lifestyles are entitled to the full protection of the law. Democracy works best when the lawful rights of the minority are enforced with the same vigor as those of the majority."
- Thomas Laprade
Freedom2Choose Calls For Urgent Smoking Ban Review. On the first anniversary of the smoking ban in England, Freedom2Choose today calls for an urgent review of the law. In just one year, the blanket ban is already causing devastation to all sectors of the hospitality industry, while offering no benefit to public health.

Tobacco Nannies: The Mask Comes Off. America's Tobacco Taliban is now pushing for laws to eradicate smoking. All smoking. Banzhaf wants to go all-out. No compromises. No smoking anywhere. Including in your home. Not on your porch. Not in your living room. Nor in the crapper, the toolshed, or the garage. He wants you never to light up, under penalty of law, even when there are no children present, and even when your closest non-smoking neighbor lives ten miles down the road.

Blast From the (not really that distant) Past. The anti-smoking zealots had to get their way, whatever the effect on society. Civility and economics be damned!

Sewage nourishes their bias. By Ross Nelson. So here’s my proposition to lifestyle dictators everywhere: Why not inform us adults, and then leave us alone?
From The International Mailbag
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter, read all the news.
Australia: Movie Ban. Anti-smoking zealots should butt out.
Holland: Hundreds of Dutch bars sue the government for ban.
UK: Video: The Westgate Run pub crawl protest in Wakefield.
UK: The smoking ban: what a drag it is having a smoke.
UK: Fair Pint Campaign, Supporting tied landlords and consumers.
From The USA Mailbag
Hawaii: The Second Annual World Defiance Day
March on the Capitol.
July 1, 2008
With a celebration to follow.

Hawaii: The Red List - Who to vote out in November!

IL: Smoke ban often defied Downstate, law is too ambiguous.
MA: Cigarette tax is nothing but smoke and mirrors. By Howie Carr.
ME: Biddeford's survey disgrace for trying to fool the public.
MN: Majority of mob rules. By Archie Anderson.
MO: When kids smoke, parents need to use tough love.
MS: Scruggs gets 5 years in prison in bribery scheme.
NY: Takes aim, again, at tax-free reservation tobacco sales.
OK: OSU By Theodore King. Congrats man, you are an inspiration.
USA: AWMA & NATO Issue Joint Letter on FDA Bill.
USA: Read the Cato Handbook for Congress regarding tobacco.
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