The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

March 14, 2008 - Issue #474

“Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive”
- Sir Walter Scott
American Lung Association Deceives Constituents in Promoting FDA Tobacco Legislation. By Michael Siegel. So it's no surprise that the American Lung Association has joined the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and the American Cancer Society in being dishonest and deceptive about the FDA legislation. This appears to be their only choice if they don't want the public's perception of the bill as one that protects public health to come crumbling to the ground. But it still doesn't make it right to deceive the public.

Health Dangers: Michael Fumento, an author and lawyer who specializes in science and health issues, is among many people who say the surgeon general's report relied on previous science that was flawed because of research techniques.

Tobacco Controls Spreading, Anti-Smoking Groups Say. Gary Nolan, United States Regional Director of The Smoker's Club, said the use of allegedly fraudulent second-hand smoke statistics had hoodwinked the public into supporting tobacco bans and taxes. "You tell a lie long enough, as the old Nazi saying goes, and people will believe it," he said.

Retailers Stepping Up Tobacco Lobbying Efforts. Lacking a big-picture perspective, some states are increasing taxes on cigarettes, States are effectively cutting their own throats by continually hiking excise taxes on tobacco products–chasing away revenue, encouraging criminal behavior and unfairly penalizing smokers and retailers–and it’s up to the c-store industry to help them understand that.
From The International Mailbag
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Canada: Tom Laprade, “If 40 or 50 per cent of adults were smokers there would be no smoking laws, it’s all about the votes.”
Germany: Oktoberfest says NO and escapes smoking ban.
From The USA Mailbag
IA: Update on Amendment H8084, HF 2212 "Smokefree Air Act"
IN: New smoking ban proposal, similar debate in Elkhart.
ME: Maine says NO and seeks to repeal tobacco lozenge ban.
MI: Charlevoix County board says NO and repeals workplace ban.
MN: Tax update from Archie Anderson, caucus member.
MO: St. Charles unlikely to adopt ban, for the foreseeable future.
ND: Fargo smoking ban petitions to be turned in Monday.
ND: West Fargo Stricter smoking ban may be on ballot.
NH: House votes to exempt cigar bars from smoking ban.
NJ: Bill would ban outdoor smoking for under 19 set.
NY: Gov. Eliot Spitzer Linked To Call Girl Ring. $5,000 An Hour.
NY: Kingston says NO and City park smoking ban stalls.
OK: Smoke ban law's author, Sen David Myers dubious on passage.
USA: Philip Morris fights Web sales and gray-market.
USA: Cornell and Duke donations from tobacco companies.
Defiance And Ban Damage Hurts Everyone
IL: Argosy Casino $1 million revenue loss.
MN: Curtains may fall on faux "theater nights" and require license.
Japan: Tokyo taxi drivers say smoking ban hurts business.
UK: NHS smoking ban 'flouted daily' at hospitals.
UK: Rolling Stones Keith Richards Finds Smoking Ban A Drag.
The Slippery Slope After Tobacco
Camera: Britain makes camera that 'sees' under clothes.
Happy Meals: Liverpool set to ban McDonald's Happy Meals in a bid to cut childhood obesity.
Master Plan: German soldiers too fat, smoke too much.
Vaccine case draws new attention to autism debate.
Wood Stoves: CA Non-gas fireplaces banned in new homes.
Wood Stoves: IL sparks dispute of wood-burning stoves, fireplaces.
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