The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

September 14, 2007 - Issue #450

"Those who deny freedom to others
deserve it not for themselves."
- Abraham Lincoln
Big Popcorn. Companies act a day after hospital warns of health risks from flavoring ingredient diacetyl. So far, attention has focused on worker exposure, rather than on possible health problems affecting consumers who pop popcorn in their microwave ovens. That focus may be changing, however, with a warning sent by one of the country’s leading lung disease experts.

Pfizer study. Their study says to use Lipitor or die with the generic brand. Yes, THEIR study and OR DIE.
RWJF, Pfizer, J & J, Grant question on funding to Kerry Cork.
Disseminating Junk Science. By Michael Siegel. I find this science by press release approach to be yet another disturbing development in the tobacco control movement. This, too, is in my view contributing toward the degradation of the scientific integrity of the movement.

The Nanny State. By Charley Reese. Have you ever thought about what freedom is? It is simply the freedom to make your own decisions without outside interference. If you choose to smoke, drink and gamble, you should be free to do so. If you can't, then you aren't free.
From The International Mailbag
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Canada: Somebody please tell Sean Penn about the legal Crown 7!
Fred Thompson: Al Qaeda smoking ban pushed Iraqis to the US. NYDaily News Distorts Comment. Iraqi official, Colonel Faik, who the Muftis would order the severance of the two fingers used to hold a cigarette for any Iraqis caught smoking.
Sweden: Woman appeals garden smoking ban on her own land.
UK: Fear and loathing in Edinburgh. By Simon Clark.
UK: No-smoking signs for unmarked police cars.
From The USA Mailbag
CA: Everyone in Belmont has lost their minds, and should leave the land of the free if they want to remove all property rights. Attend 9/25.
CA: Teachers rethink retirement tobacco investment ban.
MA: Rep. Peterson & Grafton post wants regulation rescinded.
MI: Calhoun County says NO to ban in restaurants and bars.
MI: Just another step in losing our freedoms. By Bill Johnson.
MS: Petal considers smoking ban, October 11 meeting.
MS: State wants anti-smoking group to repay $7.7 million.
OK: Judge revives lawsuit. Seneca-Cayuga tribe to get day in court.
OR: Reynolds tweaks ads against cigarette tax.
PA: Smoking ban for restaurants? No, thank you.
USA: Congress Wants to Smoke Out Taxpayers — Again.
Ban Damage Hurts Everyone
AZ: Stakeout Stops Suspected Smugglers by narcotics task force.
OH: Car Hits Smoking Bus Passengers, Killing 1.
OH: Smoking Man Stabbed Outside Local Bar in Riverside.
PA: Looking beyond big bingo bucks.
South Wales: Smoking ban hits Bingo night tills.
The Slippery Slope After Tobacco
Burger King has a new twist, fresh apples that look like fries.
Look up. Seattle cops may soon be watching.
Motorcyclists UK Slower Speeds Initiative and the full regulation of your legal product, to limit power, weight and speed.
Obesity: Just sell your house and leave NJ if you are a parent. Run!
Wood stoves CA ban in the works for this winter. This will spread!
The Research of David W. Kuneman
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