The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

August 31, 2007 - Issue #448

"If you're going to kick authority in the teeth,
you might as well use two feet."
- Keith Richards
Rolling Stones. Back on the Smoking Ban Defiance Super Highway: The United Kingdom, Canada, Scotland, Switzerland.

Bill of Rights Unchangeable. By Ronald E. Smith. It really perplexes me that people believe that the Bill of Rights can be changed, altered or abolished by government, or even by ourselves.

Smoking Bans. By Ryan M. Dixon. So, "No. You do not live in a Democracy. You live in a Republic. Please, stop spreading lies."

Hillary Clinton lavished praise on New York City's tough anti-smoking laws yesterday - and said she supports smoking bans in public places across the country.

Racial Discrimination And Substance Use. Found African Americans experiencing racial discrimination were more likely to report current tobacco use or recent alcohol consumption and lifetime use of marijuana and cocaine.
From The International Mailbag
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Australia: Violence fears over jail move to ban smoking.
Israel: Airport B-G's Terminal 3 has three smoking rooms.
UK: Happy 100th Birthday Winnie Langley!
UK: When even flowerbeds start to order us around...
World: Altria Group May Announce International Unit Spinoff.
World: Goodwood Festival of Speed, a "pro-smoking event."
From The USA Mailbag
IL: DeKalb City Council rejected ban delay request.
IL: High court again voids $10.1 billion ruling in Philip Morris case.
IL: How to Catch a Wild Hog. By Lowell E. Hedges.
MA: Appeals court upholds dismissal of tobacco lawsuit.
MA: Pittsfield private clubs and organizations, ban talks.
MD: Baltimore City Council approves smoking ban delay.
MS: Eatery Group Files Suit over Smoking Ban.
MS: Smokers being wronged by city. By Steve Sweet.
ND: Fargo Ban vote not likely this year.
NY: Study: Asthma rates high for 9/11 workers.
SC: Petition opposes Surfside Beach smoking ban.
TX: Fort Worth still allows bar smoking, and other places.
TX: Kaufman last hearing September 17.
TX: Rowlett Council puts off smoking ban vote.
VA: Norfolk Officials discuss idea of regional bans.
WA: Hookah bar owners vow to fight smoking ban.
WA: Yakima Eagles fought the state, city for 18 months.
WI: Walker toughens Milwaukee County smoking ban.
WV: Kanawha County Parks taking ban a step further.
WA: Kanawha smoking ban proposal debated at hearing.
WV: Putnam says NO and reverses smoking ban.
WY: Legislators look at statewide smoking ban.
Defiance And Ban Damage Hurts Everyone
DC: Clubs Open Roofs, Remove Walls to Circumvent Ban.
IL: Gilman fencing in smokers. Yeah, really.
KY: Some restaurant, bar owners are burning up cash to stay open.
NJ: Hilton, Resorts begin voluntary downsizing program.
NY: Anti chases smoker with a knife.
NY: Store clerk charged in phony burglary.
Australia: Smoking Ban Takes Toll On Casinos.
Canada: Rook Billiard Club gone because of the ban.
Canada: Man shot and killed for not giving up a cigarette.
UK: After the smoking ban - the bars that emptied.
UK: Smokers targeted by drug dealers says landlord
UK: Storeys Amusements employee sacked for a break.
UK: Woman raped after smoking spiked cigarette.
Sweden: Woman must sit on an X in her own yard to smoke.
The Slippery Slope After Tobacco
Disney Smoke-Out in films. it's time for us all to pipe up.
Diesel exhaust lawsuit by prostate cancer victim.
Jesus Smoking Picture shuts down newspaper for one month.
New Passports RFID chips wide open to hackers.
Smokeless Tobacco. Does the Times Understand the Difference?
Read Michael Siegel: The Rest of the Story
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