The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

July 13, 2007 - Issue #441

"Reason has never failed men.
Only force and oppression have made the wrecks of the world."
- William Allen White
Study finds smoking wards off Parkinson's disease. The apparent protective effect of tobacco against the degenerative nerve disease has been observed for years but a University of California Los Angeles School of Public Health report said a new review of existing studies seems to confirm it, with long-term and current smokers at the lowest risk.

Smoking bans are about policy, not about facts. By Barbara Banaian. When you bear all of the costs and receive all the benefits, you tend to do your own research and you tend to make the right decisions. When you get it wrong, it's you who pays.
From The International Mailbag
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Korea: Tobacco research funds spark protest.
Portugal: Smoking ban eased again.
Russia: To join WHO FCTC.
UK: Lots Of Observations and Updates.
WHO FCTC: Countries in anti agreement.
From The USA Mailbag
AL: Northport Public Hearing Set July 23rd.
CA: Tobacco Tax Loss Estimates.
IN: Elkhart Public Hearing Set July 17th.
OH: Another Anti group lost funding source.
NY: Sales Ban At NYS Fair Lawsuit.
PA: House tables bill on smoking ban.
RI: Voluntary Beach Smoking Ban.
SC: Surfside Beach and Conway Updates.
USA: Pay New Spending by Taxing the Poor.
Defiance and Ban Damage
HI: Defiance One Puff at a Time.
MN: Smoker attacked, bar afraid to call 911.
OH: Where Are All The Non-Smokers?
TX: Smoking Lawyer gives out lighters.
Australia: Clubs beat smoking ban.
Australia: Patients flout hospital smoking bans.
NL: Update on Crusader Trip in Amsterdam.
Scotland: Singer Pete Doherty defies ban.
Wales: A fine for man smoking in a car.
UK: Arrested on the July 1, Day of Defiance.
UK: Courtney Love declares ban retarded.
UK: Liam Mullone says to join him for a smoke.
UK: Redonda Embassy and Smoking.
UK: Smokers threaten hospital staff.
UK: Wells, Somerset Protest March July 14.
The Slippery Slope After Tobacco
Air pollution detrimental to cardiovascular.
Cellphone, texting ban, coming soon to NJ.
Italian beach bans men, kids, fried food.
Nail Salons Safety grant money in WA.
Patio heaters worse than the UK ban.
Permits needed to take photos in NYC?
Scent ban in court by allergic worker.
Smokers and Obese stay out of New Zealand.
Speeding tickets in VA up to $3,550.

USA Federal Tax Alert
If U.S. smokers paid state, local and federal cigarette excise taxes and settlement agreement payments in 2007 at the same rates they were paid in 2006, see how much would be collected so far this year. For more information, review the Cigarette Tax & Payment Table, which details payments made by smokers. In case you missed it: A toll free number you can call to be connected directly to the office of your Congressperson Call: 1-877-857-8074
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