The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

November 24, 2006 - Issue #408

"You can fool some of the people all of the time,
and all of the people some of the time,
but you can not fool all of the people all of the time."
- Abraham Lincoln
An Unwelcome Discovery. Eric Poehlman pleaded guilty to lying on a federal grant application and admitted to fabricating more than a decade’s worth of scientific data on obesity, menopause and aging, much of it while conducting clinical research as a tenured faculty member at the University of Vermont. He presented fraudulent data in lectures and in published papers, and he used this data to obtain millions of dollars in federal grants from the National Institutes of Health — a crime subject to as many as five years in federal prison. Poehlman’s admission of guilt came after more than five years during which he denied the charges against him, lied under oath and tried to discredit his accusers. By the time Poehlman came clean, his case had grown into one of the most expansive cases of scientific fraud in U.S. history.
Ethics Violations: Charges of fake research hit new high. Doctors accused of making up data in medical studies. NIH finds 44 cases.
Doctors must not be lapdogs to drug firms. The drug industry is happy to play the genial uncle until physicians want to discuss subjects that are off limits.

From The International Mailbag
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
British Virgin Islands: Ban starts in 6 months.
EU: Buying Duty-free Online.
France: Casinos exempt from smoking ban.
Spain: Health Ministry appeals anti challenge.
From The USA Mailbag
AZ: Prop. 203 levy faces suit.
CO: Bar Owners File Notice Of Appeal On Ban.
CO: Property Rights, smoking in your own home.
IA: Colleges target outdoor smoking.
IL: Glenview officials solicit public opinion.
IL: McLean County says NO to bar ban.
IL: Orland Hills says NO to ban.
IL: Logic says there should be exemptions.
KS: Parsons City ban hurting businesses.
KY: Moose to vets, private clubs must ban.
MO: Lambert Field, St. Louis airport alert.
MS: Hattiesburg Reaction mixed on ban plan.
MS: Meridian delays vote on smoking ban.
MS: Ridgeland weighs smoking ban.
NY: Seneca agrees to comply with fed demands.
PA: Lighting up near entrances approved.
TN: State Update and Alert.
USA: Tobacco Can Appeal `Lights' Case Ruling.
Chocolate Study helps explain heart benefits.
Low cholesterol now worse to have than high.
Reality is everything made of chemicals.
Oldest living Granby miner turns 92.
India: Fulla Nayak dies at 125 years old.
The Slippery Slope After Tobacco
CA: Santa Clara County wants more drinks tax.
NY: Tribes Fear Cigarette Tax Law.
Canada: Cosmetic Maker Regulations.
Germany: Focus on obesity.
Russia: Woman Sues Coca Cola And Wins.
USA: Big Pharmaceutical sued over birth control.
USA: Fast Food Nation Update.
USA: Obese should pay more for insurance.

Another Ban Failed

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