The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

September 8, 2006 - Issue #397

"At all times sincere friends of freedom have been rare,
and its triumphs have been due to minorities."
- Lord Acton
In Calling for FDA Legislation to Reduce Nicotine Addiction, Anti-Smoking Organization is Full of It; And Devoid of Integrity. By Michael Siegel. What's far more important is that we restore some integrity to the movement. I should be able to wake up and feel proud to be a member of the tobacco control community, not ashamed.

South Carolina: The state won't let communities enact their own no-smoking laws, despite efforts by lawmakers in the two largest cities - Columbia and Charleston - to do just that.

Tom Oyler: Is there a new edict that what goes on in the classroom stays in the classroom? Lately, I have the impression that the little one has been told not to discuss with adults what she is being told in the classroom.
From The International Mailbag
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Canada: Anger speeds decline in lung function.
Bhutan: Bumthang not the only dzongkhag selling tobacco. Only change is the price.
Scotland: Bars Body Odours, pumps in perfume.
Scotland: Bingo demands back money lost from ban.
Spain: Will designate smoking areas.
UK: Hospitals fail to cut out smoking.
World: Doctors Want Drugs Against Smoking.

From The USA Mailbag
AK: Anchorage Petition is begun to let voters decide whether to overturn smoking ban.
AL: Huntsville Antismoking Extremist Alert.
CO: Durango Patrons light up after Orios Roadhouse wins 1st round of legal fight.
CO: Coalition For Equal Rights fights 8 week old ban after 80% loss of business.
IL: Elgin ban exceptions urged.
IL: Machesney Park says NO to ban.
IL: Macon County Passions flared.
IN: Allen County would stomp all over local businesses.
IN: Kokomo says YES to smoking in bars.
KY: Churchill Downs Anti Extremist Alert.
MA: Private clubs oppose smoking ban.
MO: Overland Park exemptions for private clubs.
NC:Nursing home residents regain right to smoke.
NE: Lexington ban is on the ballot.
OH: Massillon Antismoking Extremist Alert.
PA: Health Advice Decidedly Unhealthy.
TX: Austin bar owner allows smoke to stay open.
TX: RJR Wins Suit, twice now.
VA: Governor Kaine threat to business.
WV: Wheeling Island Bar Files Smoke Suit.
Now Itís Official
Beer is Good for You

Increasing receptors in brain could decrease alcoholism

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Obesity pandemic looms

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1. Choose an industry.
2. Regulate the industry.
3. Tax the industry.
4. Sue the industry.
When one source of money dries up, return to Step 1 and repeat.
By S. Phillipe
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