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June 23, 2006 - Issue #386

"Paranoia strikes deep, Into your life it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid
You step out of line, the man come and take you away"
"For What It's Worth" - Buffalo Springfield
Don't fall for the Anti lies! ANTI How To Guide: Obesity The New Frontier of Public Health Law. With each victory, confidence mounts in the capacity of legal tools to be used in combating serious health threats. ... In this article, we review the rationale for regulatory action to combat obesity, examine legal issues raised by initiatives to date, and comment on the prospects for public health law in this area.

ANTI ALERT: Who Owns YOUR Body? Antis want TOTAL control over YOUR body. Banzhaf, ASH, Mathis,and Huckabee have lost their minds. Please read this and stop it NOW.

ANTI LIES: Read Michael Siegel. Anti-Smoking Groups Conspired to Hide Internal Dissent. Abuse issues, and more.
From The Health Mailbag
High risk of cancer for nonsmokers. ... due to inherited genetic susceptibility.
The Caffeine Controversy. What constitutes an addiction to caffeine?
The Diabetes Plague. Eroding the distinction between public and private health.
Indoor Pool Air Bad. Hazardous to children's lungs and asthma.
Immune system. Dirty rats prove a little grime is good for health.
From The International Mailbag
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
England: Pubs second-guess ban rules.
England: Stadiums, bus shelters, and outside.
EU: Snus under review.
Germany: Minister for Ban in Public Buildings.
Japan: Antis protest university campaign.
Scotland: Police raise smoking ban concerns.
Singapore: Ban extended to food outlets.

From The USA Mailbag
AL: Opelika dictators and smoke police.
CA: No warning labels for tuna.
CA: San Diego beach update.
CA: Tax Issue on November 2006 Ballot.
CO: Lawsuit is filed against the statewide ban.
FL: Cocoa Beach rejects smoking ban.
IA: Heartland hotels excluding guests.
ID: Boise private dwellings update.
IL: $2.15 billion to Philip Morris.
IN: Johnson County say NO to ban.
IN: St. Joseph allows work smoking rooms.
KY: Study finds Louisville ban of little help.
LA: Bill goes to Governor Blanco.
MA: House banning free tobacco giveaways.
MA: Lakeville Eagles Club update.
MD: Baltimore County says NO to ban.
MI: Calhoun County defeats resolution.
MO: St. Louis Zoo's moral crusade.
NC: State Capitol Building Ban.
NE: Omaha Smoking-Ban Compromise.
NJ: Gary Mosher files tax law suit.
NY: Indian Tribes Rally for Businesses.
NY: Watertown outdoor update.
OH: Judgment reversed Marrone v. PM.
OR: Gaming compacts timing raises questions.
OR: Petition allegations and scandal.
PA: Allentown might consider a ban again.
PA: Philadelphia bill goes to Mayor Street.
TN: State Buildings Ban and Alert.
WI: Fitchburg Update 6/27/06 vote?
WI: Kimberly says NO to full ban.
WV: Harrison County says NO to ban.
WY: Hot Springs County refuses help.
USA: CEI and EFF get secret MSA docs.
USA: RICO update.

Canadian War vet injured.
A 56 year old Vietnam war veteran was wrestled to the ground, opening a gash in his forehead, and cuffed by hospital security staff in a dispute over a cigarette.

As Long As We Live
You Will Live
As Long As We Live
You Will Be Remembered
As Long As We Live
You Will Be Loved

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