The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

June 16, 2006 - Issue #385

"… we'll smoke the peace pipe, forget about who's wrong or right… there's never a hero in a battle of egos, there's never a winner of the quick draw."
"Wild West Show" Big & Rich
Hazards in the home. Chemicals oozing from a variety of everyday products and materials in the home may harm our health.
More about Asthma.

Personal Insults and Attacks and Calls for Censorship from My Tobacco Control Colleagues: Is this What the Tobacco Control Movement is All About? By Michael Siegel. It's the story of a movement from which I am glad to finally be free.

A Letter To Our Youth. By Adrian Gosnell. Let’s take back America! Your ancestors fought hard to be sure you inherited a “free” country. These freedoms are being stripped away daily. If you don’t make a stand now, more freedoms will be lost.

The slippery slope. By Walter E. Williams. Down through the years, I've attempted to warn my fellow Americans about the tyrannical precedent and template for further tyranny set by anti-tobacco zealots.
From The International Mailbag
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Canada: Email Canadian MPs.
Fiji: Alert for nightclubs, bars and restaurants.
Germany: Advertising Update.
Nepal: Kathmandu Update.
Portugal: Smoking ban eased, up to owners.
Scotland: Ban proves a drag for bingo.
World: How to overcome the ban in F1 racing.

From The USA Mailbag
AK: Liquor industry fights smoking ban.
AL: Madison considers ban, expects opposition.
AR: Gov. Huckabee battles irate callers.
AR: Saline County Update.
AZ: RJR And Group To Overturn Ban.
CO: Casinos escape smoking ban.
CO: Smoking Ban Closes Hooters.
DC: Smoky halls of Congress update.
IL: Naperville lets children sign petition.
IN: Jeffersonville groups fight ban.
KY: James Blake Miller Gets Married.
MN: Bar, restaurant owners look to patios.
MN: Sue Jeffers lays out campaign.
MO: Ballwin ban cuts into profits.
MO: Voters To Decide Kirkwood Ban.
MO: Strike up the ban.
ND: Bar owners form association to fight.
NY: Oneidas won't consent to hearing.
OH: Smoking bans are bad for business.
OR: No new cigarette tax.
SC: Charleston Alert. Meeting June 20, 2006.
SD: Antis after taxes AGAIN.
WI: Fitchburg alert again.
WY: Cheyenne smokers counter-attack.
USA: GT makes MSA payment.

Kitchen knives ban.

UK doctors are calling for a ban on long pointed kitchen knives to reduce deaths from stabbing.

AMA More Bans Including Salt.

AR: Ban on smoking during pregnancy?

PA: Palmyra school food ban.
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