The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

June 2, 2006 - Issue #383

"New York City, the land of opportunity. Smell that? Harry: Know what that is? Marv: Fish? Harry: It's freedom."
-"Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York" 1992
Scent Ban: Next week the city will begin the debate on whether or not to ban people from wearing perfumes and colognes, or other artificial fragrances in city buildings, community centres, sports facilities...
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Three independent air quality test results confirm that secondhand smoke was never a health hazard. The incredible thing is that all those who conducted the testing were trying to prove how hazardous secondhand smoke is... but in fact they all three proved quite the opposite.

Drastic Declines in Heart Attack Admissions in Nebraska and South Carolina in 2004:Cut in Anti-Smoking Programs May be the Reason.
Michael Siegel Thrown Off of List-Serve; Censorship Alive in Anti-Smoking Movement, But Little Room for the Truth.

Tobacco crime and consequences. Raise tobacco taxes, increase crime. It’s that simple. And the problem goes beyond occasional pilferage—far beyond it. International smuggling rings, truck hijackings, and even murder are among the ramifications directly attributable to the effect of tax hikes on black market tobacco and related criminal activity, reports Patrick Fleenor, an economist with the Tax Foundation.

Smokers find refuge in secret nicotine dens. Late at night, the ashtrays come out in 'smoke-easies.'
From The International Mailbag
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Canada: Farmers life's work up in smoke.
Canada: Watch video "Under the 'B' for bust."
Africa: Kenya - Will Smoking Ban Burn Out?
Australia: Brothel owners exemption to ban.
Ireland: Cigarette sales.
UK: Leeds nanny state at work.
USA: Support Our Troops.
World: Smoking's social side.
World: Blowing Smoke About Tobacco.

From The USA Mailbag
AK: Anchorage targets bars and more.
AL: The City of Opelika can kiss my..."
AZ: Latest ban proposal less restrictive.
CA: Eminent Domain Roulette.
CA: San Diego Beaches and Parks Update.
KS: Leawood smoking ban smolders.
KS: Olathe Residents fired up.
MN: Otter Tail Commissioners skeptical.
MO: Nixa won't have vote on smoke ban.
MS: Judge Kicks Out Anti-Tobacco money.
MS: Hattiesburg Update.
ND: Bingo Halls Consider Closing From Ban.
OH: Sign to print out for your business.
OR: Court to hear Philip Morris appeal.
PA: Officials smolder as Legislature stalls.
TN: House bill to Senate on State property ban.

Australia: Ads spur cigarette case revival.

UK: Cigarette packet images vote.


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