The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

May 26, 2006 - Issue #382

"There's an African proverb that says, 'when elephants war, the grass dies.' With the debate over obesity, in my mind, the children are the grass." - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation President Risa Lavizzo-Mourey
Burned out by butt-inskis. By Michael Siegel. What comes next? Laws that ban fat people from the public square so that children won’t associate obesity with public acceptability? Laws that prohibit people from eating fast food in public so children won’t see this behavior and associate it with a healthy lifestyle?
Making it Unlawful to Smoke Around Children Could have Detrimental Effect on Childrens' Health, Especially Among Disadvantaged Populations.
Tobacco Control Movement is Legitimizing Junk Science Claims.

Full of Smoke and Fury. By Piotr Brzezinski. Let us be clear about what these bans entail: They deprive private property owners of control over their own assets—calling them “public” smoking bans is quite a misnomer.

Anti-drug overdose? By Marnell Jameson. The real worry is that the science-based research to date has found that most anti-drug education programs don't reduce the rate at which kids abuse drugs and alcohol.

Antis Total Control Over Bodies And Life
Who Owns Your Body? Forever Pregnant. USA Guidelines: Treat Nearly All Women as Pre-Pregnant.
Lawsuit over couple's denial of residency. A St. Louis suburb is being sued by the ACLU for denying residency to an unmarried couple and their children.
The Global Framework on Essential Health Research and Development. This week in Geneva at the annual meeting of the WHO.
Master Sunshine. The overzealous war on indoor tanning.
From The International Mailbag
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Canada: Bars go Private Club in Quebec.
Canada: Smoking in cars in Ontario.
Africa: Kenya: BAT Reacts to Smoking Ban.
EU: New rules crack down on food labels.
Indonesia: Jakarta can't enforce ban.
Ireland: ANTI-SMOKING new campaign.
Scotland: Ban causes litter problem.
Scotland: Smoking ban hits bingo giant.
UK: Report from The Lords Debate.
UK: Please sign The Big Debate Petition.
UK: The "Tobacco Control Scale."

From The USA Mailbag
CA: Ventura sidesteps ban on smoking.
CO: Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Party.
CO: Pueblo Ban Damage.
FL: St. Cloud hires smokers again.
IA: Linn County Property Update.
IL: Bloomington - Gibson wants ban amended.
IL: These Towns: Smokers Welcome!
IL: Urbana PD to avoid enforcing ban.
IL: Vernon Hills approved a smoking ban.
IN: St. Joseph County Ban Extensions.
IN: Valparaiso Alert: Meeting 5/31/06
ME: Rowe seeks stricter tobacco delivery law.
MN: Crime goes up with cigarette prices.
MS: New Guidelines For Doctors In Court.
NY: Buffalo nightclub violence.
NY: Hornell won't try to stop smoking.
PA: Harrisburg Mayor Reed Snuffs Out Ban.
SC: Sullivan's Island rids of undesirables.
TN: State buildings ban update.
WA: Ban damage to bars.
WA: Homeowner can't banish teen smokers.
WI: Taps Go Dry at South Side VFW Post.
WY: Cheyenne Update and Alert.

IL: 'Fire-safe' cigarettes law.

USA: AWMA hits Congress on "fire-safe."

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