The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

May 19, 2006 - Issue #381

"That government is best which governs not at all;
and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind
of government which they will have."
- Henry David Thoreau "On the Duty of Civil Disobedience"
Ban Smoking Outdoors Too? By Ken Schram. I wish politicians would also quit sticking their collective nose where it doesn't belong.

Myth: Secondhand Smoke Is a Killer. I don't think we need to be stretching the truth," Siegel said. (This is a must read article!)
Anti-Smoking Movement in its Current State is Not Sustainable. It has become virtually impossible to express any dissent in the movement. It has become impossible to challenge the existing dogma of the movement. It is not possible to even suggest that claims being made by anti-smoking groups may not be correct. To do so results in being censored, attacked, ridiculed, disrespected, and blacklisted.
Antis Told To Lie. Three Major Anti-Smoking Organizations Instructed Anti-Smoking Groups to Claim that 30 Minutes of Secondhand Smoke Exposure Causes Atherosclerosis.

Tracing Lung Ailments That Rose With 9/11 Dust. As they push their investigation into the health risks to workers in the recovery and cleanup operations at ground zero, medical detectives are focusing on a group of lung diseases that can lead to long-term disabilities and, in some cases, death.
From The International Mailbag
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Finland: Helsinki outdoors ban update.
Germany: No ban law at World Cup.
Iran: Compulsory dress code, smoking ban...
Scotland: Open Defiance At Music Festival.
UK: The junk food smugglers.
UK: Royal Society urges caution over research.
World: EU and US rule out new food laws.

From The USA Mailbag
FL: Cocoa Beach Alert.
IL: Blagojevich Signs Dorm Smoking Ban.
IL: Bloomington Update.
IL: Champaign smoking ban update.
IL: Lindenhurst - The full story.
IL: Are smokers the new "Witches of Salem?"
IN: Avon Update.
IN: Charlie’s fights in Martinsville.
IN: Franklin allows all over the age of 21 places.
IN: Vanderburgh County meeting 5/18.
IN: Vigo County says NO to ban.
KS: Leawood considers smoking ban.
KY: Henderson Update.
KY: Morehead Update, meeting June 12th.
MA: Kaprielian calls for fire-safe cigarettes bill.
MI: Isabella County not likely to have ban.
MN: Blue Cross will reimburse nonsmokers.
MN: Mankato - Embers closes doors.
MN: St Paul bar owners prep to fight ban.
MN: Supreme Court upholds tobacco fee.
NJ: A.C. may allow outside smoking tables.
NV: Casino Smoke.
NY: Auburn, Patricia C. Glanville fights ban.
OR: Court Vacates Verdict vs. Philip Morris.
PA: Philly halfway prohibition proposed.
SD: State government property ban update.
TX: Port Arthur says NO to ban.
WA: R. J. Reynolds wins in smoking case.
WV: 75% Of Bar Owners Balk At Ban.
USA: Thompson advocates a $1 per pack tax.

More smoking in cars articles.

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UK: Questionable Online Polls

UK The Big Debate

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UK Stop The Ban

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