The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

May 12, 2006 - Issue #380

"Be entirely tolerant or not at all; follow the good path or the evil one. To stand at the crossroads requires more strength than you possess."
- Heinrich Heine (1797 - 1856)
Wisconsin State Senate Rejects Statewide Smoking Ban Bill. Assembly Bill 414. Risser said he has another bill he wants to propose similar to the statewide smoking bans in California and New York.

Parental Smoking. By Michael Siegel. It is sabotaging the tobacco control movement. When the public becomes aware that this is what we are pushing for (as they quickly are), they are going to view us as being complete fanatics and crusading zealots (and rightly so if this is what we are pushing) and we are going to completely lose our credibility and destroy our reputation.

Tobacco critics speak out The focus of the two-day conference at the Williamsburg Inn was "harm reduction," a controversial idea that not all tobacco products are as deadly as commonly believed and that products can be developed that are far less risky.

KY Prison bans tobacco. Brad Rodu, a pathologist at the University of Louisville who researches tobacco risks, said an all-out ban on tobacco like the one at the state reformatory is unnecessary if it's being done for health reasons.

A group of cigarette distributors and sellers filed a lawsuit against NY seeking to overturn a law banning Internet, telephone and mail order tobacco sales.
From The International Mailbag
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Guam: AG: Smoking ban can't be enforced.
Ireland: Prison Smoking Update.
USA: Soda banned in schools.

From The USA Mailbag
AR: Batesville says NO to ban.
AR: Fayetteville waits on ban changes.
AR: E-mails illustrate Huckabee strategy.
CO: Group raises funds to take ban to court.
HI: State Update.
IA: All You Can Waste Buffet Policy?
IL: Bloomington approves indoor ban.
IL: Carpentersville Update.
IL: Lake County Resolution isn't a ban.
IL: Lincolnshire 20 feet of doorways ban.
IN: Franklin Fight Gets Dirty.
IN: South Bend ban law could change.
LA: State Car Ban heads to Senate.
MT: Home evicts 75-year- old amputee.
MT: State files motion on tobacco deal.
NE: Tempers flared and swords crossed.
NH: National ID 'mark of the beast'?
NY: Liquor Licenses and noise from smokers.
OH: State Bar owners win one round in battle.
TN: Kurita: Tobacco using anti-tax strategy.
WA: Nursing Home Resident Smokers at Risk.
USA: Tobacco pact may light up high court.
USA: Children near roads, higher asthma risk.
USA: Older Americans less healthy than UK.

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