The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

April 14, 2006 Issue #376

"The test of courage comes when we are in the minority.
The test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority."
- Ralph W. Sockman
New Hampshire Senate kills smoking ban. Opponents insisted it should be left up to restaurant and bar owners to decide when and if to go smoke-free. A majority of restaurants and bars in the state already have, several noted. Sen. Robert Flanders: Trust the people to make good choices when it comes to smoking.

Michigan proposed smoking ban snuffed out. Republicans who control the Legislature agree with restaurants and bars that argue they should be free to decide whether to allow smoking without intrusion from government.

Anti-Smoking Movement Heading Down the Tubes; It's Time to Turn Back. By Michael Siegel. Yet the ugly truth is that we are willing to make scientific claims that are so fallacious on their face that even the tobacco companies are unwilling to make similar claims in a situation where they could profit immensely by doing so.
OH Big Beverage and Big Tobacco? This is yet another example of an unsubstantiated attack being made by an anti-smoking group.

Health zealots exaggerate data on second-hand smoke hazards. By Curt Winzenreid. Yeah, you read correctly, the court threw out the study saying it was biased and invalid.

Liar Extinguisher. By Brian Hickey. So sing it with me: Don't trust anti-smoking crusaders who say they're fighting the good fight for the greater good.
From The International Mailbag:
Canada: Health Promotion Minister Jim Watson wants to make cigarettes illegal.
Canada: Illicit smokes spark hazards in jails.
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
China: Smoking Kindly Granny Turns 111.
India: Smoke Van Solution.
Scotland: Takings crash by 50% since ban.
Scotland: Fury Over Smoking Shelters.
UK: Tobacco beats ban with smoking shelters.
UK: Smoking foster carers to lose kids.
UK: Publican prompts smoke ban meeting.

Ban Damage:
TX: Man Stabs Brother Over Smoking In Home.
UK: Nurse stabbed to death at hospital in an outside smoking area.
More Ban Damage. More Ban Loss.

From The USA Mailbag:
AL: Another City Council Duped.
CA: Monterey beaches people ban.
CO: Ban opponents consider challenge.
CO: Bar patrons fuming over smoking ban.
CO: Smoker Friendly International program.
DC: Banzhaf threatens GW with lawsuit again.
FL: Bar Owners Win Suits On Flawed Ban.
FL: Smoking audits for bars face repeal.
IL: Grove Village meeting April 17.
IL: Sangamon County Update.
IN: John Martz fights in South Bend.
KY: Georgetown smoking ban revision sought.
MD: Howard County meeting April 17.
MN: Ely puts the breaks on smoking ban.
MO: Columbia sends measure to council.
NY: Smokers avoid tax increase.
NY: First Victory for NewYorkCoalition.Org
OH: Enforcement and Exemptions.
OH: State ban decision left to voters.
OK: Chickasha Arrest for Skoal.
OK: Osage Nation plans federal lawsuit.
PA: Ban in Philly? Don't hold your breath.
SC: Cigarette tax debate heats up.
SC: Ban is headed to the House floor.
TN: State Alert Again.
WI: Madison's Borderline Situation.
USA: Smokers losing a refuge.
USA: How States Spend The MSA Money.

"Tackling Mr. Anti-Freedom from"
Well… let’s just say that smoking doesn’t kill this guy, does.

USA: Fighting against supersizing.

Heart Attack on a Plate: Top 10 List of Foods that Can Cause an Immediate, Fatal Heart Attack

Vermont: Soda taxes under consideration

Ireland: 'No such thing as junk food'

Canada: Study links lung cancer risk to beer

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