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March 31, 2006 Issue #374

Into our town the Hangman came,
Smelling of gold and blood and flame...
- Read The Hangman by Maurice Ogden
Q: Can you find the April Fool's Day article in this issue?

Australia: Smokers should be licensed. "He or she would go along, sit for a test and be given a licence to smoke on the understanding that they knew the risks they were taking." Professor Chapman and other health experts last week gave evidence to an all-party select committee chaired by independent MP Richard Torbay...

Tobacco Control Movement Credibility Starting to Decline as Public Can't Differentiate Legitimate from Far-Fetched Claims. By Michael Siegel. In what I think will be a harbinger of things to come, the first signs of erosion of the credibility of the tobacco control movement are starting to occur.

Governor. Haley Barbour Vetoed a bill that would continue to allow the Mississippi Legislature to give $20 million a year to a private, nonprofit anti-tobacco organization. "The Partnership's argument is to give the Partnership another $20 million and then they'll tell us what they did with the other $100 million. I was born at night, but it wasn't last night," Barbour said.

Philip Morris, Reynolds Win Arbiter's Tobacco Ruling that may allow them to reduce $1.2 billion in payments to states under a 1998 health care settlement. MSA Is Costing States Money Update.
From The International Mailbag:
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Canada: Agent Orange victims compensation.
Canada: Asbestos miners compensation.
Canada: Winos may get free wine.
Denmark: Smoking rooms are allowed.
France: Seita Wins Suit.
Ilocos Sur: Teresita Galanto Wins Award.
Northern Ireland Economic Consequences.
Scotland: Take children from smokers?
Spain: Keeps lighting up despite bans.
UK: No smoking ban on liners.
UK: Arctic Monkeys online revolution.
USA: Wonder Drug from Pfizer.
World: Noise may raise heart attack risk.

From The USA Mailbag:
AR: State Alert.
AR: Fayetteville Police Tighten Enforcement.
AR: Gov. Mike Huckabee lost 120 pounds.
CA: Healdsburg Smoking Outside?
CA: Tobacco payout isn't combating smoking.
CO: Treasurer Calls MSA a Protection Racket.
CO: Owens Signs Statewide Smoking Ban.
IL: College ban going to Governor.
IL: Cook County Doubles Its Cigarette Tax.
IL: Lindenhurst update.
IL: McGeartys hit by Anti-smoking Taliban.
IN: Avon council wants feedback.
IN: Evansville will consider a ban.
MA: Private Clubs Not Exempt.
MN: St. Paul kills the Easter bunny.
MN: Minneapolis Junk Stats.
MN: Tax Update.
MO: Sedalia No candidate wants ban.
MO: Tax update.
MS: Ban for city and state buildings only.
NV: State Alert.
NY: Unkechaug Indian Nation Tax Issue.
OH: Summit County ban voted out.
PA: Philadelphia Update.
RI: Narragansett tribe and Harrah's casino.
SC: Don't sue for being fat.
TN: Tax increase bills move in Senate.
WI: Appleton Update.
WI: Antismoking Extremists Face Fine.
WI: Kaukauna and Buchanan say bars and restaurants smoking OK.
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Tobacco Farmers in Crisis Protest

Canada: 24-hour "sit-in" at the offices of Premier Jean Charest

Update on People Ban

Update on People Ban

Update on People Ban

Beatles' cigarettes erased from box set cover

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