The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

March 17, 2006 Issue #372

"The ships hung in the sky
in much the same way that bricks don't."
- Douglas Adams
MSA Is Costing States Money. The A.G.s are crowing and bragging about their success, while the state DOR's are panicking! More and more smokers are making their own cigarettes and the black market is flourishing too.
ME: This could leave the state with a short-term cash flow problem for funding programs now supported by tobacco settlement dollars.
SC: Possible $15M shortfall could hurt state budget.
UT: Tobacco payments to Utah may drop.

Internet Sales Update. Amendments to Contraband Cigarette Trafficking Act. USA: USPS on Tobacco Shipments.

National Anti-Smoking Group Claims to be Only National Anti-Smoking Group. By Michael Siegel. Where has honesty and humility, accuracy and scientific integrity gone in the tobacco control movement? It seems to have been sucked into the black hole of money, desire for recognition, and fanaticism.
Forget 30 Minutes; Anti-Smoking Group Claims 20 Minutes of Secondhand Smoke Exposure Increases Heart Attack Risk. 10 minutes? Anybody?
What Are They Waiting For? Tobacco Companies Should Claim that Smoking Presents No More Risk of Heart Attacks than Brief Secondhand Smoke Exposure.

Dangers of Air. EPA Whips Up Air Pollution Scare. By Steven Milloy. So why claim such a certain connection between soot and health when the data and study method are so deficient?
Dangers of Car Scents. Meanwhile, roll down windows. Polybrominated diphenyl ethers and phthalates, which are used in seat cushions, arm rests, floor coverings and other plastic car parts, are main sources.
Dangers of Coffee. Genes determine coffee-related heart attack.
Dangers of Depleted Uranium. US Lung Cancer Rates Soar. By Karl W B Schwarz. They know and they are terrified on both sides of the aisle of a paper trail of evidence being created.
Dangers of Fat. Obesity Epidemic Continues to Worsen in the United States. Over eight in 10 U.S. adults are overweight...
Dangers of Radon. These particles will emit radioactivity and can damage lung tissue, causing cancer.
From The International Mailbag:

The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Canada: Fighting back.
Canada: Raid on Tyendinaga Mohawks?
Canada: Scientific buffoonery.
China: Zeolites smoke out carcinogens.
Scotland: Smokers up in arms.
Switzerland: Ticino Update.
UK: Cigarettes while pregnant are OK.
UK: Smoking in Cars.
UK: Tobacco giant accused of Hezbollah deal.

FL: Lifestyle Discrimination.
KY: Putting the squeeze on smokers.
NY: Legislation would shift costs of health care.
OH: Employers hit smokers in the wallet.
More Employment articles.

From The USA Mailbag:
AL: The measure now goes to the House.
CA: Atmosphere of moralistic intolerance.
CA: Tells citizens to BE police!
CA: Oceanside targets outdoors.
CA: Panel Run by Rob Reiner to Be Audited.
CO: Senate rejects House version of ban.
DC: John Banzhaf threatens GW.
IL: Cook County Ban Update.
IL: Lake County Antis hide from public.
IL: Yorkville Update.
IL: Tax Monster in Disguise?
IN: St. Joseph County uncertainty remains.
MA: H.S. Proposes Going Fragrance-Free.
MN: Otter Tail County update.
MO: Columbia update.
MS: Anti records hide from the public.
NH: ASH Lies to New Hampshire.
NH: House postpones vote on smoking ban.
OH: Ohioans won't support total smoking ban.
OK: Tribes unite to fight.
SC: State bill moves to House.
TN: State Alert.


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