The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

March 10, 2006 Issue #371

"When you give a lesson in meanness to a critter or a person,
don't be surprised if they learn their lesson."
- Will Rogers
Surgeon General: Obesity Could Dwarf Terrorism Threat. Lowering the nation's obesity rate depends on changing behaviors, but too many Americans are health illiterate, meaning they cannot understand medical terms and directions from doctors, Carmona said.

Scientist Calls For Warnings, Tax On Soda. "Warning: The Surgeon General has determined that drinking soda can be hazardous to your health." Popkin is also in favor of a soda tax, such as the one on tobacco. He said studies involving the links of soda and obesity are at the same stage as studies on tobacco and health problems several years ago, when those warnings were issued.
Soft Drinks Being Singled Out as Cause of Obesity Problem; Analogy to Tobacco Seems Detrimental to Public Health Efforts. Read More Michael Siegel: The Rest of the Story.

Alderman Robert G. Donovan. I have heard from many residents on this issue. Many have made the same comment, "Doesn't Milwaukee have better things to worry about than smoking?" I'm asking the same question.
From The International Mailbag:
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Canada: Police stun gun a smoker.
Canada: Bar owners vow fight: The Patio War.
Canada: Bar gets to keep smoking bus.
Cayman: Smoking ban worries bar operators.
China: Push for gay marriage & Smoking Ban.
Pakistan: Anti-smoking law goes up in smoke.
Scotland: Hotels File Suit Against Ban.
UK: JD Wetherspoon sales down.
UK: Update and petition.
Uruguay: Ban Update.

From The USA Mailbag:
CA: Patrons, bars spurn smoking ban.
DE: The end of the Truth campaign?
FL: Liggett found not liable.
IA: Bill faces dead end.
ID: Tobacco savings account amendment.
IL: Bloomington ban proposal draws fire.
IL: Cook County tax hike.
IL: County governments can rule?
IL: DeKalb. Why not ban everything else?
IN: Berrien County says no to ban.
IN: Marion County, bars asking for exemption.
IN: Valparaiso. "A lot of arguments," Larr said.
MA: Can't altruism, Altria go hand in hand?
MN: Mayor harassed at Mancini's for ban.
MN: State says No to ban again.
MO: Columbia. Send in your comments.
MS: Debate turns to talk of spitting.
MS: Starkville Update.
NC: Tournament fans encounter smoking ban.
NE: City loses appeal in smoking bus case.
NH: Cigarette firms vow to fight new tax.
NJ: Monmouth County update.
NJ: Bars, Bowling Alleys Sue Over Ban.
NY: Tobacco may bail out NUMC.
OH: County Ban Could Be Repealed.
OH: Clinic sues to revive smoking.
RI: Gov Carcieri wants to cut Anti program.
SC: Bill to Ban Restaurant Smoking is Stuck.
TN: Property Rights.
TN: Could part of tax go up in smoke?
UT: Gutted Smoking Ban.
VT: $ declining and can't be relied on.
WI: Milwaukee Smoking Ban Put On Hold.
WI: State says No to ban.
USA: eSmokes turns over internet sales data.

Cartoon characters caught in adults' food fight

Italians ban Coca-Cola on the eve of Winter Olympics in Turin

Does Obesity Justify Big Government?

A sweet tooth is tough to pull

Antismoking Extremists Target Soda Machines

NJ School Lunches

Kellogg asked to end marketing junk foods to kids

The sugar police


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