The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

March 3, 2006 Issue #370

"Life is tough. Life is tougher if you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Another Nursing Home Atrocity. Gladys Gornall, in a wheelchair, must go out in the cold weather for a cigarette even though she is 93.

Why ASH's Recent Actions Are an Example of Fanaticism, Rather than Science-Based Advocacy. By Michael Siegel. In science and medicine, we have a technical term that can be used to describe such a contention: a bunch of crap.
Reliance on Pharmacotherapy in Smoking Cessation Questioned.
30 Minutes Of Smoke. ASH Responds by Reiterating and Reemphasizing its Claim that 30 Minutes of Secondhand Smoke Causes Fatal Heart Attacks in Otherwise Healthy Nonsmokers.
Challenge Issued to Document that FORCES is a Tobacco Front Group.

Eating Some Crow on Fat. By John Luik. The attitude of we-know-best-no-matter-what-the-studies-say discredits both the scientific process and the requirement that health advice be evidence-based.
From The International Mailbag:
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Australia: Smoking in cars ban?
Scotland: Riot alert as prisoners face ban.
Spain: Madrid plans to ease smoking ban.
UK: Ban Update.
UK: Join the new UK public email group.
USA: Warner Brothers with Antis.
World: Preventable deaths, how so?

From The USA Mailbag:
AL: Jacksonville considers revision to ban.
CA: GOP wants Reiner fired.
CO: Debate on smoking ban bill postponed.
HI: State Update.
IL: Palatine's Village Council tables ban.
IL: Daley wants security cameras at bars.
IL: Rockford hospitals update.
IL: Elk Grove Update.
IL: Counties may be able to ban smoking.
IN: Johnson County update.
IL: 'Fire-safe' cigarettes.
IN: West Lafayette update.
KY: Ashland says NO to smoking ban.
KY: Oldham County update.
MD: State says NO to smoking ban.
MI: Grand Rapids college rethinks bans.
MN: Mayor Chris Coleman smoking in public.
MN: Bar owners sue over St. Paul smoking ban.
MN: Olmsted County Update.
MO: Says NO to lawsuit.
MO: Vapor heads.
NE: Bill aimed at stopping Anti, Mark Welsch.
NH: State Update.
NY: Pataki puts off Native American tax.
OH: Smoking in Summit County.
TN: YesSIR of Tennessee Fights.
TX: Galveston says NO to smoking ban.
VA: State says NO to smoking ban.
WA: Puyallup Tribe ignores ban.
WA: When is a building a building?
WI: Smoking ban opponents rally.
WI: Spittoon Talk Spills Into Cigar Bar Debate.
WI: Citation Sends Wiggie's to Court.
USA: A secret of the ages.

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