The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

February 17, 2006 Issue #368

"There's a legitimate debate about when the rights of non-smokers are violated by the smoking of those who smoke. But I figure that if you walk into a private establishment of your own free will--and you know smoking is allowed--and you stay anyway...Well, you're the one saying, 'It's okay to smoke around me.' After all, you can leave, right?"
- Paul Jacob of Americans for Limited Government

Stop Hate Crimes! Hate Crime. Ed Burke shows his hatred and abuses his power. Chicago smokers are not allowed to choose to smoke and eat? He has the ability to punish people for doing something he doesn't like?

Anti Joe Cherner Caught In Lies. You are a liar and a hypocrite, Mr. Cherner, plain and simple.

Anti-Smoking Group Urges Cities to Ban Smokers from Employment. By Michael Siegel. The logical endpoint of what ASH (and in the absence of any opposition - the anti-smoking movement) is actively promoting is the creation of second-class status for smokers. They are to become a group that is not capable of obtaining gainful employment and making a living to support themselves and their families.
ASH Calls on International Bans on Smokers in the Workplace and Outdoors Smoking. What the heck is motivating ASH to intervene in employment policies throughout the world? What business is it of ASH's to tell employers in other countries what to do in terms of who they hire?
WA: Push for anti-smoking discrimination bill. The spread of these policies threatens to make smokers second-class citizens...

From The International Mailbag:
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Canada: Cigarette Saves a Life.
Aaland: Threatens to leave the EU.
China: Mao's heirs try to kick a 5 billion-a-day habit. One in four Chinese smokes.
Indonesia: Introduces smoking ban in capital.
New Zealand: Ban killing off the iconic Kiwi pub
Scotland: Ban leaves police cars exempt.
UK: Ban battle moves to next step.
UK: England Ban Update.

From The USA Mailbag:
CA: Bus and trolley stops.
CA: Disneyland bans smoking in hotels.
CA: Time to ban car commercials?
CO: The bill goes to the Senate.
DC: Congress will still smoke after ban.
FL: Leila Schwartz jury out.
IL: Barrington Update.
IL: DeKalb Update.
IL: Hinsdale Update.
IL: Round Lake Beach Village update.
IN: St. Joseph County update.
MD: Smoking ban debate.
MI: Saginaw County Update.
MN: Meslow kills his own justification for ban.
MS: House funds Antis.
NY: Mohawk: ATF and TTB Reach Settlement.
OH: Summit County ban could get delayed.
OK: When Will this Stupidity End?
RI: Monforte's Bar.
SC: Hilton Head Update.
SC: House subcommittee discusses ban.
SD: Senate Committee Snuffs Smoking Bill.
SD: Rapid City smoking ban delayed.
TX: Baytown Update.
TX: Fort Worth Alert.
VA: Bill moves to the House of Delegates.
WA: Cedar Inn Tavern in court.
WA: County sets smoking appeal plan.
WA: State snuffs smoking-ban exemptions.
USA: Is Repace a stooge for big Tobacco?
USA: No Clear Benefit of Calcium Pills.

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