The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

January 27, 2006 Issue #365

"I expect to pass through life but once. If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again." - William Penn (1644-1718)

Sue Jeffers for Minnesota Governor

The Smoker's Club, Inc.
Minnesota State Coordinator
Sue Jeffers
for Minnesota Governor

Big Nanny Is Watching You. By Philip Dawdy. Stripping, booze, and smoking bans: Seattle's nannies are in full scold mode, and progressives are the biggest party poopers of all.

Kellogg asked to end marketing junk foods to kids. By Brad Dorfman. The Center for Science in the Public Interest said on Wednesday it would sue Kellogg Co., the maker of cereals such as Frosted Flakes, and Viacom Inc., which runs the Nickelodeon cable network, if the companies do not change some marketing practices aimed at children.

Antis Tell CBS What To Do! Anti-Smoking Group Criticizes CBS Piece on Employment Discrimination Against Smokers Before it Airs. By Michael Siegel. In my view, there is no room for discrimination, bigotry, hate, and intolerance in the tobacco control movement.

"Thank You for Smoking" Chris Buckley's Novel Lights Up the Screen. His satiric novel was bought by Mel Gibson even before it was published in 1994. Gibson, Buckley recalled, was particularly attracted to the vision of himself playing Nick -- and running naked, covered in dozens of nicotine patches (applied during a kidnapping by anti-smoking terrorists) down the Mall.

Norwegian Researcher Confesses to More Faked Studies. Sudbo admitted he also made up data for an article in the New England Journal of Medicine that appeared in April 2004, and another article that ran in the Journal of Clinical Oncology in March 2005.
From The International Mailbag:
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Canada: Help Diana Reid.
Canada: Whitehorse to rewrite the city's ban.
Australia: Smoking at home ban?
Denmark: Lower pay for smokers gets gov't ok.
Hong Kong: May delay smoking ban.
India: Movie Smoking Update.
Scotland: Want to beat the smoking ban?
Spain: Smoking and Fuming.
UK: Smokers are being "persecuted."
USA: High Court Nixes Tobacco Co. Tax Case.

From The USA Mailbag:
AK: Bart Williams on taxes.
AL: Snitches can sign in or butt out.
CA: Del Mar beaches and parks alert.
CA: Calabasas Snuffs Out Public Smoking.
CO: Grand Junction Update.
IL: Elk Grove Update.
IL: Joliet says NO to ban.
IL: Normal Update.
IL: Park Ridge Update.
IL: Springfield Update.
IL: Taylorville Update.
IL: Proposal would empower counties.
IL: Six Flags jumps on smoking ban ride.
MD: Howard County Update NO BAN.
MN: 3 smokers sue for 75 cent-per-pack fee.
MO: Columbia Update.
MS: Tax bill up in smoke?
MS: Antis want $20 million.
NH: Phil Englehardt opposes ban.
NJ: Whelan bill would add casinos to ban.
NJ: Smoking lounges may slip through law.
NY: Smokers sue Philip Morris.
NY: Canton Underage law up in smoke.
NY: Reservation tax status update.
OH: Proposed ban has both sides fired up.
TX: Foster Homes Alert.
UT: House is uncertain on ban.
WA: Smoking ban leads puffers to Idaho.
WA: Smoking Out the Homeless.
WI: Smoky question.
USA: Bill S.266 to stop propaganda.
USA: HR4128 protect private property rights.

The Smokers Rights Van

A Newsletter Reader:

"AWESOME trip I just made, 3,000+ miles - and finding the van makes a GREAT billboard. Not sure how many others would like to try it, but I have had a great experience so far."

When I pulled up in front of the State House in Augusta, Maine, a few poor folks were outside smoking in 10 degrees, and they cheered - and came to talk to me, so I gave them some of the flyers too. I toured MA, CT, RI, & DE too, and visited most of their state houses - except with construction and traffic I was not able to get to the one in MA, so just drove around Boston for awhile. Then went to Washington, DC.

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