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January 20, 2006 Issue #364

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself; instead of a second-rate version of somebody else." - Judy Garland
Stripper March & Rally Strippers Stage Smoking Protest in Trenton. Before the rally, the radio hosts said they decided to team up with strippers to spotlight the issue because strip clubs would be the first businesses to be hurt under the anti-smoking legislation. And, said Carton, "Strippers get people's attention.''
New Jersey Smoking Ban a Strike Against Freedom. By Thomas Facchine (16 years old) I can act within my rights to achieve what I want, and I needn't demand any sort of sacrifice from anyone else. NJ: Codey Signs Smoking Ban into Law. NJ: Casinos Get Pass on New Smoking Ban.

Anti-Smoking Groups and Advocates Unwilling to Speak Out: Why? By Michael Siegel. I issue a challenge to all anti-smoking groups and advocates reading this commentary to come forward and publicly take a stand against the World Health Organization for refusing to hire smokers.

JE Enstrom and GC Kabat. Environmental tobacco smoke and coronary heart disease mortality... Previous assessments appear to have overestimated the strength of the association. David W. Kuneman. ... virtually no change in acute myocardial infarction rates after smoking bans has occurred. More Studies.

Oslo promises crackdown after cancer cheat scandal. By Alister Doyle. Norway promised on Monday to speed up a new law that may bring jail terms for medical cheats after a hospital accused one of its cancer researchers of falsifying data published in a leading journal.

Personal Responsibility: It's Really That Simple. It's not just a good way to go. It's the only way.
From The International Mailbag:
Canada: Minister of Health Promotion Jim Watson uses flawed data.
Canada: Listen to: The Last Angry Man.
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Canada: President of Canada's Largest Smokers Rights Group, Forces Canada, endorses The Conservative Party of Canada for the January 23, 2006 election.
Philippines: 'Almost-perfect' mother turns 103.
UK: Smoking ban in jails could lead to riots.
UK: The fool's gold that heals.
Wales: Wales Centre for Health.

From The USA Mailbag:
AR: Contact the Governor now!
AZ: Anti gets a $965,000. grant.
AZ: Cigar aficionado fights ban.
DC: Tom Knott Takes On the Smoking Ban.
IA: State Alert.
IL: Elk Grove Village ban on tobacco sales?
IL: ALA No Expectations.
IL: Smokers get in last drags.
IL: Regional Smoking Ban?
IL: Des Plaines says NO to ban.
IL: Springfield Update.
IL: Smoke ban backers enlist EPA.
IN: Ellettsville is oasis from smoking ban.
KS: State Update.
KY: Working Around Daviess County Ban.
LA: Terrebonne Parish Update.
MA: Bus shelter used as teen smoking room.
MI: Lenawee County Update.
MN: St. Paul OKs smoking ban.
MN: Smoking Bans are unconstitutional.
MO: Petitioning for profit falls under suspicion.
NY: Party Bus Update.
NY: Police harass Indian smoke shop.
NY: Bloomberg going after high-calorie foods.
OH: Bowling Alley BANS Antis.
OH: Lenawee County Update.
OK: Unholy Land Grab.
WA: Business defies smoking ban.
WA: HB 2502. Can smoke if loss shown.
WA: Indian ceremonies should be exempted.
USA: Hookah is piping hot.
USA: Link: tooth loss and heart disease.

SmokersGloves International Launches Product to Aid Smokers in the Fight Against Unlawful Smoking Bans

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