The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

January 13, 2006 Issue #363

"I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way"
Frank Sinatra
90% of the bars in Spain continue to permit smoking. Most have put up temporary signs on the front doors of their establishment advising potential customers that smoking is permitted. These will be replaced with permanent signs once each regional Health authority issues guidelines with respect to text and layout.

Burdened by the smoking ban. By Sue Jeffers. We continue to wonder what a public health risk is, and when people will realize this failed experiment in social engineering has cost far too much already. And no one is any healthier.

The Sugar Police. In an appalling extension of the nanny state, New York is slated to become the first city to monitor diabetics' blood-sugar levels. It plans to register them like HIV or tuberculosis sufferers and nag them when their levels aren't healthy enough. Drop the cupcake; here come the sugar police.

New Years Resolutions. By Robert Dominguez. Fill ashtrays, empty bottles. Lighting up while raising a glass or three is my way of raising a symbolic middle digit to high-minded folks who would tell you how to live your life.

Hot Tubs And Cold Moralizing. By George Will. This peculiar wrinkle in the tax code, first approved the year after President Reagan said the tax code should not be used to leverage social change...

Comic Relief From The WHO. By Carey Roberts. Feeling a little bored, maybe suffering from after-the-holiday blues? The World Health Organization never fails to provide a moment of levity in our otherwise hum-drum lives.
From The International Mailbag:
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Canada: Citizens for Civil Liberties Action.
Canada: C.A.G.E. Call To Action.
Greece: Smokers in Greece stand their ground.
Hong Kong: Activists fuming, campaign wavers.
Indonesia: Ban enforcement questioned.
Saudi Arabia: Madinah Update.
Spain: Cigarette Sales Law Fallout.

From The USA Mailbag:
CO: Eagle County Update.
CO: State Alert!
DC: Call To Action.
DC: Michael Siegel. The Rest of the DC Story.
IL: DuPage County Update.
IL: Harlem Township Update.
IL: Oak Park Update.
IN: Greenfield Group Fights!
IN: St. Joseph County Vote Postponed.
KS: Steffes filed a new motion.
MD: Howard County's Robey vows to veto.
MS: Tax increase likely doomed.
NC: CCF Debunks Flawed Obesity Study.
NJ: Bowling group aims to stop smoking ban.
NJ: State Update.
NV: Reno Alert!
NY: Tax man targets smokes.
OH: Lawsuit wants ban petitions nixed.
OH: TRW Plant Gasping For Help.
OK: State Update.
PA: State slashes anti-tobacco funding.
VA: Out-of-control Anti Tries to Sue.
WA: Legislators plan religious exemption ban.
WA: Pub seeks status as private club.
WA: Hospitality Partners Call To Action.
WA: Bars to seek smoking exemption.
USA: Put this in your pipe...
USA: Wood Smoke Update.
USA: Anthrax vaccine can be grown in tobacco.
USA: Siegel on the ANR and Discrimination.
USA: Siegel on the Helena Study and Author.

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