The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

January 6, 2006 Issue #362

"When on occasion I'm asked by groups of aspiring writers what they should do to get on, my advice is always, emphatically, smoke. Smoke often and smoke with gusto. It's a little known, indeed little researched, fact of literature and journalism that no non smoker is worth reading. And writers who give up become crashing bores."
- Novelist and journalist AA Gill, Sunday Times, July 1999
The Prostitution of Science. By Thomas E. Brewton. When you hear the words "scientific authority," check to be sure your wallet is still there and hold onto it tightly.

Should Single Mothers Be Taxed More? Should a special tax be levied against single mothers? Based on the rationale used by anti-smoking crusaders to justify the levying of special tobacco taxes against smokers, the answer is yes.

Local uprisings don't argue for Minnesota smoking ban. By Craig Westover. A word of caution: When you make a deal with the devil, don't be surprised if it goes to hell.

Alcohol Prohibition Was A Failure. By Mark Thornton. The lessons of Prohibition remain important today. They apply not only to the debate over the war on drugs but also to the mounting efforts to drastically reduce access to alcohol and tobacco...

Anti-Smoking Group Boasts Extension of Smoking Bans to Private Homes. By Michael Siegel. There are some things for which a legislated approach is simply not appropriate. For everything else, there's education and persuasion.
Anti-Smoking Advocates Told How to Respond to Dissent about Pueblo Findings.
From The International Mailbag:
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Australia: Junk Science.
Czech Republic: First Arrest in Prague.
India: TV ban missed deadline again.
Scotland: Smoking in parks?
UK: Minister pledges he'll enforce fags ban.
Western Australia: Pushes for outdoor bans.

From The USA Mailbag:
DC: Mayor may still veto the bill.
DC: Doug Bandow Joins Citizen Outreach.
IL: Illinois Restaurant Association ETS Letter.
IL: Cook County Update.
IL: Vernon Hills Update.
IL: Leave Those Poor Smokers Alone!
IN: Not an Appropriate Public Health Policy.
IN: St. Joseph County Update.
KY: Owensboro Update.
MI: Police chief suspended for smoking in car.
ND: Charitable gambling hurt.
NJ: Claims don't pass science test.
NY: $4.3M Cig-Suit Award Tossed.
NY: Cruel irony revealed in state smoking ban.
OH: Bar owners claim petition for state ban invalid.
OH: Summit council talking about ban repeal.
WA: Group wants some exempted.
WA: What can you do? Check this out!
WY: Cheyenne Update.
USA: The States' Tobacco Addiction.
USA: Smoking surcharge: May be omen for other lifestyle choices.
USA: As night settles over the Capitol, Tom Tancredo is seated in his congressional office, smoking a fat cigar and nursing a plastic tumbler of scotch.

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