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December 23, 2005 Issue #360

"I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year."
-- Charles Dickens (A Christmas Carol)
Merry Christmas Our Christmas card to you, and a few words about the "Christmas" Vs "Holiday" issue... and some comedy.

CA Raise cigarette tax 300% AND spend 110% of the money! By Michael J. McFadden. So adding it all together they plan to spend about 110% of the money.

Teens, Sex, and Cigarettes By Thomas M. Keane Jr. We teach schoolchildren about sex and supply free condoms. So why don't we take the same approach to smoking? (Lifestyle tolerance)

Spain: Passes Tobacco Law, But Bars to Stay Smoky. Restaurants and bars over 100 square metres (1,076 sq ft) to set up non-smoking sections next year. Smaller venues have to choose whether to ban or allow smoking on their premises and many owners of small bars, which dominate Spanish night life, say they have never even considered opting for a ban.

"SCRAP ALL DRINK DRIVING LAWS" SAYS FREE MARKET AND CIVIL LIBERTIES THINK TANK. By Dr. Sean Gabb. "The current law on drinking and driving is a prior restraint law. We are banned from doing what in itself may not be harmful to others on the grounds that it may in some cases lead to harm.

RJR opens trendy smoking lounge in Chicago. "We're calling it a smokers' paradise," he said. The lounge also offers light food, baked goods and a selection of coffee beverages, including lattes and espressos. There are plans to sell alcoholic beverages. The lounge also has cafe tables, leather couches and a fireplace.
From The International Mailbag:
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Canada: Smoking Buses Update.
India: Prison Smoking Ban.
UK: Blair gives up stand alone bars.
UK: Judge says smokers responsible for own health.
UK:Smoking ban 'harmful to children.'
UK: Hospital turns away smoker.
UK: Residents - Email against the bans.
USA: A miracle drug that fights memory loss.

From The USA Mailbag:
CA: Contra Costa County Update.
CT: Where there's smoke, there's ire.
DC: Smoking Ban Update.
IL: Deerfield Update.
IL: Tax Alert.
IL: Springfield council has new plan.
IN: Delaware County smoking ban stalls.
IN: Elkhart County says NO to ban.
IN: Smoking ban intrudes on civil liberties.
IN: Smoking a property rights issue.
KS: Smoking ban now in judge’s hands.
KS: Lansing Alert.
LA: Have We Been Forgotten?
MD: Howard County veto pressed.
MN: Judge strikes down tobacco fee.
MN: Getting a smoking ban exemption.
MS: Gov. Barbour wants the Anti money.
ND: Moorhead Update. Bar damage.
NE: Anti Mueller arraigned on federal corruption charges. 25 years in prison for felony theft.
NH: Senate president, Ted Gatsas, opposes eateries smoking ban.
NJ: Indoor ban moves past Senate.
NY: Mohawk Tribe Opts Out Of Agreement.
OH: Mount Gilead Alert.
TN: Crown Laboratories No smoking - or else.
TX: Austin bar owner found guilty.
USA: DO NOT buy Greenies dog treats!
USA: Antis After Parents.
USA: Smoke Got In Their Eyes.
USA: Religious groups join fray.
USA: Corporate Cowards and Collaborators.

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