The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

December 9, 2005 Issue #358

"I'm having a hard time believing that the founding fathers,
when they wrote the amendment to the Constitution,
had in mind advertising to children."
--NYU professor and nutrition activist Marion Nestle
People Ban WHO Stops Hiring Smokers. The WHO must know by now that it's demands are based on questionable science and, moreover, that if it does not achieve its ends quickly, then that questionable science will be exposed for all to see and understand.

Westin hotels ban smoking. Brush said customers will be advised about the policy at check-in. If a guest violates the rule "when we can observe it by smelling it or whatever" a $200 fee will be added to the bill.

Secret Knocks and Passwords By Brendan Kiley. Seattle's Crackdown on Bars, Theaters, and Strippers Is Bringing Back the Speakeasy. The times call for adventurous lawbreaking.

Michael Siegel Anti-Smoking Advocate Calls for Censorship of this Blog. What country does this advocate think we are living in? Is he or she familiar with something called the First Amendment?
Rest of the Story Author Expelled from Tobacco Control List-Serve; Dissent is Met with Censorship.
Disrespect in the Tobacco Control Movement: For Individuals and for the Science. Frankly, I am appalled by the way I have been treated in the tobacco control community because of my willingness to tell it like it is and challenge the dogma of the movement.
The Anti Hypocrisy-laden Circus. Don't Like the Direction the Program is Going.
From The International Mailbag:
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Canada: C.A.G.E. Essay Contest Winners.
Italy: Turin bans Coca-Cola.
UK: Smoking Ban the Lies Exposed.
New Zealand: Smoking ban fails to stub out habit. Crown feels heat of tobacco.
USA: Would you like to be seated in Child or Child-free?
USA: Smoking in films update.
USA: Anti-Smoking Tactics.
USA: Cartoon characters in adults' food fight.

From The USA Mailbag:
CO: McStorlie's reignites smoking in bar.
DC: Mayor Anthony Williams may not sign.
DE: Lorillard, anti-smoking group continue court battle over ads.
FL: Republican legislators want to 'scrub' state constitution of some voter-approved items.
FL: Property Rights in Riviera Beach.
IL: Chicago Update.
IL: Chocolate Scent Ban.
IL: Bloomington Alert.
MD: Effort to Ban Has Powerful Opposition.
NH: Plans to divert tobacco funds.
NH: State Alert.
NJ: Raising legal age to smoke is just absurd.
RI: Violations of smoking ban.
RI: Narragansett Indian Smoke Shop Update.
SC: NO Ban for Florence City.
TX: Victoria residents petition to repeal ban.
TX: Smoking bans intrude on rights.
TX: Austin bars ignore ban.

The UK Smoking Doctor

The first site dedicated to demonstrating that doctors are human after all.

I am dead against smoking bans. So I am denouncing most of my colleagues views. I am flying in the face of assumed wisdom. I am reacting to the catastrophic level of anti-smoking propaganda inflicted on us on a daily basis. I am putting across to whoever will listen the other side of the story... Please feel free to post your comments.

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