The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

December 2, 2005 Issue #357

"When the worry is focused on phantom or insignificant risks,
it diverts personal attention from risks that can be reduced."
- Milton Russell, former Assistant Administrator, EPA and
Professor of Economics at University of Tennessee.
Do Smoking Bans cause a 27 to 40% drop in admissions for myocardial infarction in hospitals? A preliminary study by David W. Kuneman and Michael J. McFadden.
New Study Casts Doubt on Claim that Smoking Bans Substantially Reduce Heart Attack Admissions. By Michael Siegel. In addition to confirming Kuneman and McFadden's findings, I extended their analysis by...
When You Don't Like What You Hear, Attack the Messenger - But Don't Discuss the Issues.
Press Release. From The Smoker's Club, Inc.
More on the Kuneman-McFadden Study.

Airbrushing History A letter to, and response from HarperCollins Children's Books.
THE END OF AMERICA? Empires have life expectancies. The history of civilization would tell us that a country based on freedom and economic liberty generally last just a bit over 200 years.
Dissent Not Allowed: By Michael Siegel. Criticizing Tobacco Control Groups is a Display of Lack of Discipline.
The busybodies are at it again. By John Stossel. Unfortunately, the busybodies keep running for office and, once elected, keep imposing new restrictions on our freedom.

Ban dogs as household pets? After tobacco, alcohol, and sports utility vehicles, how long will it be before public health experts get serious about the menace of widespread dog ownership?

As Noise Rises, So May Heart Risks. "If you are at risk for heart disease you can try to avoid long chronic noise exposure," he said. "It may be easier said than done," he admitted. "But you can try to find a job that is not noisy, or change where you live."
Noise pollution is great destroyer. Noise at work, home may be killing you: Study.
'Get tough' on unhealthy. By John Gray. I am not much impressed with your survey as what it really seems to indicate is that Bupa has decided to jump on the current prohibitionist bandwagon.
Eating Out Poses Health Risks for Kids. By Amanda Gardner. Children who eat more of their meals outside the home are more vulnerable to...
From The International Mailbag:

The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Canada: Anti-smoking fanatics - just butt out.
Canada: Law Suits Farce in 3 Acts.
Africans Whom Westerners Should Heed.
Australia: Drunken smoker tries to open airliner door in flight.
Australia: Smoking Ban Toll On Casinos.
Japan: Tomato Juice and Smoking.
NZ: 'Happy hour' not cause of binge drinking.
UK: Smoking Bans Prove Unpopular In Britain.
UK: To treat, or not to treat?
UK: NHS staff face tough smoking ban.
USA: Teens Turning to Cigars.
USA: Speed Bumps at the Pharmacy.
USA: Head of RICO Trial Team Quits.
Wales: Antis Speak Out.

From The USA Mailbag:
CA: 'Brundibar' Picketed by Anti Smokers.
CA: Nurses speak out on tobacco tax.
CA: To Smoke and Eat in L.A.
FL: Tobacco companies' SHS appeal rejected.
ID: Bowling Alleys Under Attack.
IL: Deerfield Update.
IL: Chicago Vote On Smoking Ban Likely This Week. Read the compromise bill.
KS: Reporter Questions Numbers.
MA: Anti-smokers show Brandeis is getting wussier and wussier.
MA: Coke Suit Akin To Tobacco Fight.
MD: Factions prepare for smoking ban battle.
MD: Howard County update.
MN: Ban Damage to Bowling Industry.
MN: How many jobs lost due to smoking ban?
NY: Niagara's tobacco bonds to drop by 15%.
OR: Is smoke or smokers real target?
OR: State bills smokers for untaxed cigarettes.
TX: Victoria City says to hold off on ban.
WI: E-mail flood on ban came from 1 man.

Catherine Zeta Jones Travelled by Private Plane So That She Could Smoke on Board

"This story has been told by no one, broadcast nowhere, and heard by not a soul."
It would provide a far sounder scientific basis for decisions about smoking bans that will affect the lives and livelihoods of millions of people.

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